Happy Valentines day My love

I would like to say Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful wife Diana.

I love you so much sweetie, and I hope you are having a wonderful day. I can’t wait you see you this evening.

I love you. xoxoxoxox

Pictured above is a heart ornament I hand made recently for her.

No plasma cutters or other fun tools here, it was all grinders, drills and hand files. I didn’t document the making of the heart, but to make the letters, I basically scribed out the letters, then center punched a row of points down the middle, before drilling out the center punching, and joining the holes with hand files. An old chainsaw file I have really came in handy here, for filing out the drill holes.

The middle heart, and the stand is welded to the big heart, and the whole lot is clear coated to stop it from rusting.

Happy Birthday Diana!

Today I would like to take the oportunity to wish my lovely wife a Happy Birthday for yesterday!

I love you my Sweet! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Testing out her new cricut

Diana trying out her new Cricut

Above you can see her playing with her present, a Cricut cutter, working with Make The Cut!.

Unfortunately Make The Cut are no longer allowed to make their software work with the Cricut cutters, but with a bit of research, I managed to work around that to get the two talking again, and thus, making the Cricut a truly wonderful machine!

I’ll post more info on on what I had to do to make it work soon, but this post is to thank my wife for being so damn awesome! and to let her know how much I love her.

I love you sweetie. XOXOXOXOX