3D animation Assignment

Over the last semester, I’ve been doing an introduction to 3D animation unit as part of my university degree, and it went pretty well.

The course revolves around blender, the free 3d modelling and animation software. I’ve tried to play with blender in the past, but always got swamped with its way of doing things.

But this course, even though it was mostly just tutorial videos, has given me a fairly solid grasp on the basics, and can hopefully utilize its power in other projects I might attempt in the future.

My final assignment was a 30 second video, which you will see below The resolution is a bit low, I’ve been meaning on rendering out a higher res one. If i do, I’ll edit this post so you all can see it in great detail.

And here it is:

Scrapbooking Process Video

As my most popular blog post so far, by far is my cricut blog, I thought I’d add a video I’ve made for Uni.

It’s not really a how to, but it was supposed to show the process of something, in this case, the process of making a scrapbooking page.

My lovely wife Diana suggested the idea, and kindly volunteered to be the star. I don’t think she realised that required sitting under hot lights for several hours though.

I Hope you enjoy the video!