Quick Leatherman bit adapter mod

This is only a quick mod, which I thought I would throw out there for those that are intersted.

The Leatherman bit extender / adapter is available to buy from Leatherman, but they are relatively pricey. Add to that the cost of the leatherman bits, and the price of things can get out of control fairly quickly.

I’m sure I’ve seen people do this on the internet previously, but it’s such a simple and great idea that I just had to give it a go.

The Leatherman bits are simply modified 1/4 hex bits which are available virtually everywhere, so making an adapter simply involves grinding a flat on each side of a generic bit extender until it fits in the Leatherman’s screwdriver bit slot.

I used my belt grinder, but you could do the same with a bench grinder, an angle grinder, or if you are patient, probably even a dremel tool.


Hex Bit adapter



Hex Bit adapter

That is for this one. As I mentioned, this was just a quick post to show you one of the things I’ve been up to of late.

keyring sized tools

This post has been spawned from my interest in pocket-sized tools, and trying to build the ultimate handy set of keys for my work keys. I have a few tools in my collection already, and I’ll write a short review of those, as well as showing some tools off my wish list. This list ignores multitools I have reviewed previously. Most of them are far too big to be included in this post anyway.

Gerber Artifact

my Gerber Artifact

I recently got my hands on a Gerber Artifact, which looked awesome. It has a small pry bar, Bottle opener, “x-acto” style replaceable blade, and a Philips head screwdriver on the tip. I had nothing like it in my collection, so i put in an order

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