Quick and simple laptop mod – a tape measure

Here is a very quick post to show an idea that I had recently.

Its so small, that It’s hardly worthy of a post, but I thought someone might find it interesting.

Often, I’ll find it handy to know how big something is while surfing the net, or trying to size up something I’m looking at, and I’ll either need to go find a ruler, or make a rough guestimation of the size.

Then I had a brainwave, what if I stuck a ruler to my laptop?

printable rulers can be found at various places on-line, and I found a neat short ruler at http://web.ncf.ca/jim/scale/, which is the one pictured below:


Ruler closeup

I printed it out, measured it for accuracy, and adjusted the size a few times and printed again until the accuracy was close enough for my liking before cutting it out and sticking it down with double sided tape.


The little ruler was a neat size, but I thought a longer ruler might be helpful, so I was going to find a larger ruler to print out, then I thought of an easier idea:

Ikea give away paper rulers at their stores, and I’ve had a bunch kicking around for ages. I thought I could save myself some trouble, and use one of those.

Instead of printing off another ruler, this time, I chose to go the lazy route, and cut up an Ikea measuring tape.

I split it down the middle, so i could use both the inches, and the centimetre  measurements, and stuck them down to the laptop with double sided sticky tape like before.

Laptop displaying rulers

As you can see from the pictures, the results aren’t exactly super neat and fancy, but they do exactly what I want them to do.

Hopefully someone can find this simple idea useful.

Quick Picaxe Prototyping Part 4 – Variable Resistor

The Variable resistor. by far the easiest "circuit" to create

The Variable resistor. by far the easiest

so this installment is by far the easiest of these circuits, only consisting of 2 components, the Potentiometer, and the circuit block. I chose to use a 10k pot, as i have a bunch of them in one of my parts boxes. I’m not sure if it matters what resistance they are, i’m guessing its not overly critical, as i couldn’t see anything in the picaxe manual about values to use.

If you haven’t worked it out already, the terminal block is soldered straight onto the potentiometer. I had to bend the pins of the pot down, so i could get the terminal block nice and close.

So, go have fun kiddies.
Matt Out.