Scrapbooking paper shelves


Starting at the end, Here is the finished product. Lots of room for paper, with a larger bay at the top for other items.

My beautiful wife needed a place to keep all her scrapbooking paper,  and after trawling through hardware stores and craft shops,  we still couldn’t find a suitable storage solution for the 12×12 inch squares.

I found several shelves and boxes online,  but at $100 each,  they are kind of expensive. I decided to try my hand with making one myself.

problem one was how do cut straight and square. My advice is if you have the choice of a hand saw, and a jigsaw, take the hand saw every time. A jigsaw is made to not cut in a straight line, so trying to cut straight is a bad idea, even when I tried to take my time, and use a straight edge clamped to the wood, I still almost messed it all up.

After making the initial cuts with a jigsaw, I gave up and grabbed my hand saw. a line where you want your cut, and taking your time will see a fairly straight cut. It’s no pro job, but it was by far sufficient to get the job done.

Problem two was how do I mount shelves? usually the way to make grooves would be to use a router and a straight edge, but as I don’t own a router, I couldn’t do it that way. My solution was to use extra pieces of the 3mm MDF, cut 50mm high to the inside of each shelf, with a gap of 3mm for the shelf to slot into.


I started at the bottom, nailing a piece onto the side, using another piece as a spacer for the shelf


Making the grooves this way, while theoretically uses more MDF, I found that I didn’t need to actually buy more MDF as there was plenty of off-cuts left over to do the job.

So there you go, Close to a $100 scrapbook paper rack, for about $30 in materials. I’m pretty happy with the end results.

Scrapbooking Process Video

As my most popular blog post so far, by far is my cricut blog, I thought I’d add a video I’ve made for Uni.

It’s not really a how to, but it was supposed to show the process of something, in this case, the process of making a scrapbooking page.

My lovely wife Diana suggested the idea, and kindly volunteered to be the star. I don’t think she realised that required sitting under hot lights for several hours though.

I Hope you enjoy the video!