Quick Electronics Prototyping / playing

Here on my blog, I had an idea of individual  electronic modules which can connect to a microcontroller (in my case, the picaxe microcontroller) . My little series never went too far, with switches, LEDs, A speaker, potentiometers, Temperature probes, and the picaxe 08m and the picaxe 18

Now SeeedStudio have used a similar idea in their Electronice Brick kits and  you can buy the ready made kit from Little Bird Electronics for AU$60, or straigh from the SeedStudio Store. If you go to the seedstudio store, they have many addon components for the kit

seed   studio electronic bricks starter kit

Above is what you get in the starter kit. It makes a neat way go get started, but i’m sure it won’t take long for you to want to expand your collection

And just to make things doubly clear,  I have no involvement in this product at all, they just had the same idea and ran with it, ending up with a great looking product. Check it out, its a great idea for beginners

Quick Picaxe Prototyping 5 – DC18B20 Temp probe

DS18B20 Temperature sensor on assembled board

DS18B20 Temperature sensor on assembled board

I got interested in these temperature sensors after reading about the picaxe pongsat project on Hacked Gadgets

I did a little reading, and the pongsat project seems very interesting, and very cool. If anyone is interested in the pongsats, more info can be found at JPAerospace (the company that is making the free pingpong sized experiments happen)

Anyway, back to the Temperature sensor. I managed to pick up a few off ‘ebay for a couple of dollars, and figured i should add one to my little kit of quick prototyping parts.

Following is a quick schematic, and sketch of the finished design.
Please note, the drawing of the board says “To Output”, when its supposed to go to an input. it also means Pin0 on the schematic is possibly not suitable either (i used input 7 on a picaxe 18 for the code)

Temperature Probe Schematics

Temperature Probe Schematics

And, with this post, i figured i should start adding code to show how to use the parts that i am making. its very basic, as at the time of writing, I hadn’t had a chance to play around with the probe. So here it is:

readtemp 7,b1 ‘ read value of temp probe on input 7 into b1
debug b1 ‘display b1 on the picaxe programmer
goto main ‘loop back to main

And thats it for another post,
Thanks for listening,