Well, what is there to say about me.
I’ve worked for several years in corporate Audio Visual here in Canberra. These days I work and study at the Uni. My interests are wide and varied, it include electronics and making things. I am slowly setting up a workshop with tools and things in it, and this blog is to show off some of the things I make and do, and how I do them

for a while, I had comandeered the blog for my uni course, but its now back on topic, and hopefully bach to being interesting.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi !
    got am email from you regarding the The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk. im having problems with my flicker account ( i got your message but cant reply for some reason) im happy to communicate via emailif thats easier. just let me know what info you need

  2. Hey,
    Saw your post about the dll for MAC plugin for the cricut…seems all the sites have been sanctioned, can you email me the dll?

  3. Matt, i saw your post about pccplugin..please, please can U send me the dll?

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