Disassembling a Samsung Galaxy s2

Making Fork Phone

So, the home button on my wife’s mobile phone stopped working,

I ordered a new home button from ebay, and a couple of days later it arrived. Buying from an Australian store meant it took less than a week to get!

I figured its only a home button, it should be easy to fix, I shouldn’t have to remove too much to replace it…

Those are famous last words. Before I began, I watched a video online of someone doing it, to know what I would expect. It didn’t seem too dificult. The video was long, but it detailed the disassembly of the whole phone. I was “Only pulling some of it apart”, so wasn’t too fazed by it all.

We got to work, removing screws, unclipping connectors, making our way to the button’s circuit board

Fork Phone

In the end, I had to pull the phone completely apart. They only way I could pull it apart more would be if I got a soldering iron, and started de-soldering  components. You see, the home button happens to be on the bottom of the pile of components. we actually needed to use a hair drier to melt the glue that holds the screen on, which was a little nerve racking, as the video I watched before hand had the helpful not of “don’t worry about the screen as you remove it, as you’ll be replacing it anyway”… Um, no I’m not, I’m just trying to get to the home button underneath.

Eventually, with a generous application of heat, and some nervous prying with a range of tools, including the humble plastic forks, the phone came apart.

At that point, swapping out the button with the new one was easy.

Phone pulled apart

Finally, it was time to put the phone back together. following the reverse procedure to how it came apart, piece by piece the phone went back together, until the moment of truth had arrived.

we installed the battery, and hit the power button. Like magic, the phone came to life, beginning to boot. Once booted, we tested all the features out, the camera, microphones, speakers, made calls, and everything worked perfectly.

The only issue we had was the glue that holds the screen on made the screen sit just a little bit high in one corner. But it worked, and putting the phone into a rubber case meant there wouldn’t be any chance of the slightly raised screen would catch on anything.

It makes me happy when I do things like this, and they actually work! its a great sense of satisfaction, and it means this phone will make it just that little bit longer, and last out its contract! Then we can get new phones!


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