Extra Arduino Boards

Since posting my original post, I’ve added a few extra boards to my collection, including:

LCD Display board:

LCD Display

This one was almost redundant by the time I got it, as I had already made my own board with an LCD screen.

This one, however includes an array of buttons which would make creating, and navigating menus in the Arduino easy. From recollection, the buttons are interfaced via a couple of analogue pins, in order to save the digital ones for the LCD, and/or other uses.

Serial MAX323 adapter:

Max232 board

Initially, I was disappointed with the fact that Arduinos don’t seem to like talking to serial devices directly. A bit of research revealed that using one of these MAX323 chips, which you can get on a circuit board, ready to power and wire, from eBay nice and cheap. I am hoping this will make it possible to communicate with devices which are controlled by RS232. I’m somewhat interested in trying to use use the arduino as an audio visual controller.

Motor shield:

Motor Controller

Arduinos make awesome robot brains according to the internet, and what better way to provide motive power to a robot than a motor shield from eBay as well. These appear to be knock offs of other motor controllers, but hopefully the one I bought will provide useful. I just need to work out its specs, and how to use it.

from recollection, it has 2 servo controller connections, and the possibility for 2 stepper motors, or two forward / reverse motors (or I think 4x forward motors? not sure on that one…)



Measuring motion means you can make all kinds of motion controlled devices, or measure your devices movement. That sounds like fun. Might be handy to team up with the motor control shield or something, to help control a robot of some form. This one is I2C, so it will be a test in working out how to use I2C networks.

So, hopefully they should yield some entertainment. One thing I’m finding is the amount of different Arduino boards there are out there. If you think of something, there probably is already a board out there to do what you want to do. If you want to make something, almost all you need to do is piece the system together, and then program it. That is pretty cool if you ask me!



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