Dumpster Saw Update: It works!

Yesterday the new brushes for my saw were delivered.

I opened one of the boxes to have a look, and compare with the originals. The new ones are very similar, the carbon block is the same size (but longer obviously). The metal end cap is similar, but made from slightly thinner gauge steel

Here are a couple of photos:

The old brush, and the new brush!

You can clearly see the only difference is the lighter gauge metal used in the contact end. They still fitted in and worked like new!

I had a chance this morning to put the new brushes in, and was delighted when the saw whirred to life. What else was there to do other than make something? so I grabbed some wood, and attempted to make a very crappy (and very shallow) mitred box. Mitres are always tricky to get right in my experience, as a degree or two out, and you end up with some gaps. I ended up with some gaps in this one.

The saw, and the first item I made with it! Yea!


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