HO Pizza Layout

Long before I took the step into model railways, I was inspired by Carl Arendt’s Small Layout Scrapbook, which is full of many model train layouts of small size. Unfortunately, last year Carl passed away, but his site lives on. Some other model train enthusiasts have taken on the operation of the site. Posts aren’t as regular now, but at least they can keep his site up to inspire others with the large back catalogue.

The Small Layout Scrapbook has many layouts ranging from small to absolutely tiny. I think I took the most interest in the pizza layouts. A pizza layout is basically a small loop of track, which often resembles a the shape and size of a Pizza.

The track loop done, with the only engine I have that will fit on it!

Without a lot of room for a massive layout inside, I was inspired to try my hand at my own pizza layout. I figure it is a good size to get a feel for landscaping and building scenery, without too much lost if it falls in a pile.

So, first step was to take a piece of flexi track and bend it in a complete loop. It seemed like it would be a quick and easy task, but it took me the best part of a night to get it to the point pictured above. The track is OK, if you run the train in one direction, and derails if you drive it the other way. Hopefully a little tweaking will have the track running reliably in both directions.

The next step will be to work out what I’m putting on the landscape, and start working on that. Stay tuned for future updates.


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