Dumpster Diving

What does $0 get you these days?

It got me a mostly working ryobi compound miter saw.

What does $4 on ebay get you? new brushes for the mostly working compound saw, which will hopefully yeald a completely working saw!

Here is a picture of the saw. A pretty good find if you ask me!

While walking past a dumpster at a construction site, I saw the miter saw sitting in with the other building rubble. I came back later and grabbed the saw, and after seeing it was complete, I gave it a quick test. the saw spun up to life, so I loaded it up and took it home.

Getting it home, I clamped it to a bench in the shed, and dug out some scrap bits of timber to test it with. Pulling the trigger, the saw whirred to life, and cut through the wood nicely. I noticed that the the motor was arcing alot internally, and was acting a bit odd, pulsing and such. I figured it was the brushes on the motor, so I unplugged the saw and pulled out the brushes.
Upon pulling the brushes, it was clear they were worn out. No problem, they shouldn’t be hard to replace. I called the local authorised repairer, who contacted ryobi to see if they were available. They called me back a few minutes later and it turns out new brushes aren’t available. I thought thats kinda silly. Even if its a few years old, I would have thought there would be a stock of the consumables. I guess they want you to buy a new one instead of fixing the old one.

I had a few sets of brushes from cheap chineese angle grinders (which is nice, even though i don’t really expect a $25 grinder to outlast its brushes) but, not supprisingly, they are much smaller. They are for motors more than half the power of this 1800 watt saw.

Next stop, the internet. Ebay is a marvel for things like this.
I was expecting to have to find a larger set of brushes and file them down to size, but upon browsing thru a few results I came across the perfect fit. in this case, 16.5×6.xmm brushes. No fileing needed. SCORE. and all for the price of about $4 au.

Now its time to sit back and wait for the brushes to arrive.


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