Etsy store

I’ve made the first step in my experiment in producing decorative pieces for gifts and for sale. I’ve set up a store on etsy.

The painted butterfly, ready for Etsy.

You can see it here

Etsy seemed like a good place to start, as its like a Saturday market. There is no way I was going anywhere near ebay, which from my experience has lost touch with the individual sellers. being forced into paypal is another good reason. Paypal is handy as a buyer, but sucks so much from a sellers prospective. I want to keep the fees down, so I can sell items at a more reasonable price!

So with somewhere to sell my wares, now I need some wares to sell. So far, I have listed one butterfly. I’m in the process of making a couple more of them, with a slightly different design. I have one in the painting process, and another two about half way through the construction process.

After I finish off these butterflys and get them on etsy, I’ll see how they go, and also see what new ideas I can come up with.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the trains. Progress will happen soon on the tree layout. I thought this Etsy blog was more time relevant this week. Stay tuned for more trains, and other projects!


3 thoughts on “Etsy store

  1. That’s adorable!

    Might I suggest, as you get a few more things up, that you add an Etsy sidebar to your blog? Much like the Flickr stream. That way any traffic finding its way here may find their way over to your Etsy as well…

    Good luck! We’ve been talking about setting up an etsy store for ages, you beat us 😛

  2. Thats a good idea Jo. I’ll work on that now I think.

    I thought it would be a good idea, If i can manage to make my hobby into at least a partially self funding it would be nice!

    It was fairly easy to set up the store. Now we’ll see if people are actually interested in what I make

  3. thats awesome! Im always saying Im going to start an etsy store, and never have gotten around to it! etsy is great for anything handmade.
    We have set up an ebay store for getto gear, and at the moment it is way too expensive to be viable, unless we start getting a lot more exposure and traffic. So keep us posted with your experience of using etsy!

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