Metal art

My second attempt at making a butterfly

With my hobby of welding, I’ve been thinking of having a go at making some crafty art style pieces. My thinking is by making little bits and pieces, it not only gives me something constructive to build and refine my skills on, if I’m making things of good enough quality, they can become gifts, and maybe I could even sell a few pieces, and make back material costs at least, and maybe

While doing some research online, at places like etsy, and a bit on the Welding Web forum,  I’ve discovered, there is a wide range talent, from those with little or no talent, to those with a lot of skill, and professionalism.

I don’t understand how people can try to sell rubbish, for what can border on obscene prices. Do these items actually sell? I am puzzled. Some of the stuff I am seeing is downright ridiculous. junk sloppily welded together, and sold. But does it sell? I wonder. I would love to know.

Etsy found Object spider. At even $26, I think its a little much

There are of course, people out there with talent. The guys on Welding Web seem to be pretty skilled, but then again, its a forum full of pro welders, and if you posted some of the junk I’ve come across, you’d be ridiculed / laughed out of the building. Some of the work some of the members produce is art, even the straight fabrication some guys produce. That is art.

Regarding my own work, as I’m fairly limited in what I have to work with tool wise. I don’t have things like plasma cutters, mig welders or an Oxy Actelyne set. I’m hoping maybe if I’m somewhat successful with the tools I have, I might be able to accumulate enough spare change to expand my tools and skills. That would be an ultimate goal I guess, a self-sustaining hobby!


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