2012 an outlook

Happy new year and all that.

In the coming year, I hope to build this blog into a better site.
I hope to get more organised, Post more regularly and add more content.

Content specifics are always hard to pin down, as the blog doesn’t dictate what I do, it’s just a way of me documenting what I do, and I don’t really have a plan of what I’m doing for the year.

Hopefully I’ll get to make some videos of blog related stuff. I’m studying media arts at uni, so it would be nice to use what I learn to make videos.


With my new-found hobby of HO model trains, I plan on building at least one small layout this year. Currently, my plans are to make it with 2 loops of track in a circle. A larger “Pizza” layout if you will. The goal will be to have it under the Christmas tree next year. that gives me a whole year to get it done.

RC Car

And then there is my nitro car. Its been a while since its been run. The store I got it from has recently gone out of business, so I will need to find a new source of parts when things break. I want to get it out and give it a run. I’ll have to find somewhere to bust it out here at the new house.


Welding. This year, I’ll hopefully be making some things with the welder. I’ve started making a model  car out of metal. no real scale. If I get it finished, I’ll let you all know.


The cricut post seems to be very popular, so I might break out some more cricut stuff too. I’ve made a few cutouts which people might like to see and use. I might post them up at some point

And there is anything else I get up to during the year.


2 thoughts on “2012 an outlook

  1. If you want to practice your welding skills, Betty has a few bits in need of welding! haha Happy New Year Bro!

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