Model railroad houses

As you will already know if you’ve read my previous post, my journey in model railroading has begun with a simple loop under the Christmas tree.

I seem to be undergoing a fast paced evolution of building modelling. Beginning with a quickly built house of Lego, and a tunnel of one half of a case of Pepsi, things are progressing from there.

As an extra house, I drew windows and doors on a small cardboard box. It was very ugly, but evolved fast . I put a cardboard roof on it and painted it with acrylic artists paint. It looked better, but still looked kinda crappy.

Then I built a train platform with found balsa wood and cardboard , and painted it too. Its ok, but lacks realism and details.


At this point, I discovered the beauty of printing textures onto paper, and using that to add detail to the houses. Balsa wood window and door frames help make it stand out better as well. (see photo below)


After building this house with printed textures I went back to my painted house, and applied textures to it aswell. Much better. It’s amazing how much better it looks when done like this. There are still ways to improveĀ  the houses, but this is a journey of many steps. I’m yet to add doors and windows to this house, so it’s currently a room with no doors.

And finally there is the little outhouse I’ve made. Same method as the other houses, but with a painted balsa wood door. I think it turned out pretty well. I should have covered the white paper up a bit better though.

And thats it for this installment.
Until next time, enjoy.


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