Christmas Train

I’ve now officially made the dive into the hobby of model railroading! I’m going to justify model railroading by stating that it’s not actually me taking up a new hobby, but its me merely expanding my interest in modeling from making 1:24 scale cars, to also modelling trains.

Starting off small (and cheap) I found a Model Power train set which was on special at a local hobby store for $60.

This is the train set I'm starting with. Mine is painted a little different.

At the same time, I bought several $1 carriages which they were selling off. I figured they would be pretty crappy, but for $3, I got some extra rolling stock to play with.

So, I’ve got a whole set with controller, engine, track  and rolling stock.  I didnt’ know what to expect with the set. Not being any of the better known brands, it might be rough, it might be noisy, it might continually derail. Inspecting the carriages and the engine, I was happy with my purchase. This set, after all set me back $60. You don’t have to look far to spend more than that on a single engine, or even a single carriage of high quality. I actually like the little diesel shunter the kit came with, and the carriages aren’t too bad, for me to get started on at least.

As it was so close to christmas, my plan is to build a christmas train under the christmas tree. Possibly before I had even left the store, I had a cool idea. What I want to do is repaint / decal the carriages, with a personalised carriage for each member of our family, adding carriages as new additions come along.

The tree looks a little sparse, but it has a train, with a Pepsi max tunnel! Yea!!!

I’ve already started mocking up some pictures for the side of the trains on the computer. Printing them out, and sticking them on the side of the carriages. below you can see the demo carriage I have made for our dog Bella. Dizzy, the pictured cat, will also get a carriage soon too, as will my wife and I. I will need time to plan and paint though!

The first mockup, for Bella our dog

I’m already planning on repainting the carriages so they look great, and integrate the pictures in as much as possible. For the time being, I’ll keep using the cheap carriages, as that’s what I’ve got. Maybe by next christmas I’ll be able to upgrade the $1 cars to ones which run a little nicer.


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