Scrapbooking Process Video

As my most popular blog post so far, by far is my cricut blog, I thought I’d add a video I’ve made for Uni.

It’s not really a how to, but it was supposed to show the process of something, in this case, the process of making a scrapbooking page.

My lovely wife Diana suggested the idea, and kindly volunteered to be the star. I don’t think she realised that required sitting under hot lights for several hours though.

I Hope you enjoy the video!


One thought on “Scrapbooking Process Video

  1. i have no clue,
    it’s just really fun
    it’s like a creative outlet for me.
    idk and i hope that my future career will be somewhere in designing.
    but the thing i don’t get
    is why do they have premade layouts?
    because then that is just taking away part of the whole fun process!
    well that’s my opnion.
    so yea, my aunt introduced me to scrapbooking when i was 13. (:
    and no, i’m not in any sports, or anything like that
    i just do scrapbooks of my friends, and family vacations and such.
    oh and i love the cricket.
    it is awesomely fun.

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