Cricut Cutter With USB, it can be done!

NOTE: recently Make The Cut has been updated, and supposedly no longer will support the plugin.

I suspected this day would come eventually.

Quote from the Make The Cut website:

“On 8/17/2012 a new version of Make The Cut! was released (version 4.1.1) which no longer allows the Cricut Plug-in to be loaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

One possibility (which is untested) is to buy a licence, and find an old version of the installer. I don’t know if this will work or not, but if someone tests it out, let me know. I’m sure others would like to know.


Back to the original article:

The Cricut is a cool little cutting machine, aimed at the Craft/Scrapbooking market. It looks like a printer, but is more like a pen plotter. If you saw my previous post, I bought one for my loving wife Diana for her birthday.

Cricut Personal Cutter

The Cricut comes with very minimal usability out of the box, and requires you to buy ridiculously expensive cartridges. You can get cartridges on amazon from about $25 (pretty cheap) but most are much more than that. With postage on top of that (to Australia, makes it expensive). Locally, You’re looking at more like $60 per cartridge for a cheap one. There must be a better way!

On the back of the machine, there is a USB port. Sweet. surely there is some software out there that can make good use of the cutter, and make it much cheaper to use?

Well, there is, BUT……….

There is the Cricut Design Studio, which seems like a handy idea, and likely is in many ways, if you have a bunch of cartridges.

You see, the Cricut Design Studio requires you to have bought the cartridges that you want to use. You can’t print custom-made designs, or use fonts on your computer or anything, so you are really only marginally better off with this software. It does allow you to lay things out better than the basic interface you get just the machine.

Then, there was several of other pieces of software available such as Sure Cuts a Lot, and Make the Cut, which allowed you to use standard True Type fonts on your computer, as well as importing vector graphics from other software  to cut your own design of graphics.

Of course, the makers of the Cricut cutters didn’t like this, as for the price of a single cartridge, you could then use all the fonts and pictures out there on the internet, without ever having to pay the makers of the Cricut anything. It appears that they started sueing all the makers of this software, so now none of them work with the Cricuts any Longer.

Make The Cut

But, you are not out of luck just yet, I have worked out (with help from the internet)  how to make the Make the Cut program work once again with the Cricut!
You see, Make the Cut uses plugins to interface to the Cricut, and other different Cutting hardware. It seems all the makers have done to make the software incompatible is remove the Cricut driver dll from the application.

Some very awesome people out there have discovered that, by putting the dll file in the plugin folder for the current Make the Cut download, you can still use the software.

Make it Happen

First,I should note, that I was lucky enough that the firmware on the Cricut was already up to date, so i didn’t need to upgrade ours. You may need to upgrade firmware, you apparently can do this with the demo of the Cricut Design Studio. A quick google should get you going in the right direction. I think Make The Cut! works with firmwares of 1.1 and above for the Cricut Personal. Your cricut will tell you the firmware version on the LCD screen when you turn it on.

First, with a standard printer style USB cable, plug the cricut into your computer. Windows will hopefully find and install the drivers for the cricut automatically. The cricut will appear as a usb to serial adaptor. When I first tried with my laptop, I had struggles, but eventually it seemingly sorted itself out somehow. My wife’s worked right away, and both laptops are windows 7. If it doesn’t install properly, I’m afraid you’ll have to do a bit of research online.You may need to download the drivers manually.

Download and install Make The Cut! (the demo will work, so you can test it all before you commit to the software).

Google “PCCPlugin.dll” and download the file to your computer. This is the driver for the cricut cutters. It should be out there for you to find. (edit update: try these links which have been provided in the comments: filedropper, filedropper(zipped), filefactory (zipped). these are not my files, so they may go down at some point)

Place the PCCPlugin.dll file in the plugin directory of Make The Cut (default will likely be c:\program files\Make the Cut!\Plugins).

Run the program. Now when you click on Cut Project With… you should be able to choose the ProvoCraft Cricut.

If this works for you and you haven’t already bought Make The Cut, I recommend buying it now. We chose to wait until we’d seen it working before buying it. In demo mode Make The Cut will work but anything cut will be cut with a big X thru it, making it pretty useless.

Now Enjoy using the hardware you own, in a way YOU like it.


288 thoughts on “Cricut Cutter With USB, it can be done!

  1. This works perfectly!!!!! Thank you! My Cricut and software are now usable to me again!!

  2. Thank you so much for this info. I still have the Demo Version of Make the Cut and Sure Cuts a lot on my laptop. I also found I have the pccplug.dll as well.
    The version of my cricut is v.2.3.4 so I think I am also fine there.

    The Demo version still works.

    I’m so excited that I did download this long ago and stumbled upon your posting today.
    Everything I have been reading is so negative and I thought I would never be able to use this & certainly do not wish to buy those expensive cartridges.

    I think this will allow me to use it as I would like – I think I just have to register it now and pay, right? Will be very very happy if this works, and will happily pay Make the Cut.

    I wonder if it’s worth pursuing the Sure Cuts a Lot – one step at a time….

    Thank YOU so very much for posting.

    • I’m glad you have found my post useful.
      If you have the successfully gotten Make the Cut demo to cut with your cricut, cutting with the big cross thru the cutout, you should be able to pay and get a serial code to enter into the demo program, which unlocks everything

      Thats how it worked for us, and I hope it works for you,

      • Big X’s are not a problem. Start your cut with MTC demo. Watch your cutter do its thing. MTC is nice enough to show you the cut progress. As SOON as the blade starts for a corner, pull the power plug out of your cutting machine.
        I use the connection at the power transformer.

      • @ P Tremblay – or while it is cutting, hit the cancel button. Wait until the machine has made it’s very last cut and quickly press “yes” or “ok” to finish the cancel. It will stop the machine prior to cutting the X.

      • You lost me at this part? How do I do this? Where? thanks!

        Place the PCCPlugin.dll file in the plugin directory of Make The Cut (default will likely be c:\program files\Make the Cut!\Plugins).

    • Matt can I download driver to a disc and what kind or a usb so I can use on a computer that does not have internet access

      • do you think it will work with the cricut imagine I just got

      • I’m afraid I’m not really sure if the Cricut Imagine would work. You can try it out if you like, by downloading the make the cut demo, and the driver file, and seeing if it works.
        However The Imagine looks pretty new, and it being a printer too, I suspect that it will be incompatable.
        does the Imagine work with the Cricut Design Studio?
        I’m sorry I can’t be much more help.

      • Yea, it should be easy to do.
        Download the file on the computer with internet, then copy the file to disk
        Any disk will do, as long as both computers can read the disk format. usb, dvd and CD should all be fine.

    • Can you send me a copy

    • Kallie

      Can you please send me an email – I have some questions regarding Make the Cut and Sure Cuts a Lot.

      thanks –

    • can you post a link to the pccplugin.dll file? I’m not able to find it anywhere. Thanks

    • do you still have the plugin for the cricut called PCCPlugin.dll i refused to buy any more cartridges from cricut it;s so costly and i haven’t figured out yet how to do quotes on the cricut , i can do straight lines but wanted to do wall quotes can you help

  3. Hi, I’m hoping you can help me. I already have the small cricut but would love to upgrade to the expression.
    I have the Make the Cut software with the plugin so I should be ok there. What concerns me is the firmware on the expression, will the firmware it comes with be ok or do I have to download Design Studio (I no longer have it) to update the firmware.
    I don’t want to go to the expense of buying the expression if I can’t use Make the Cut on it.
    Hope you can help, many thanks.

    • Hi Lesley,
      I’m no expert, so can’t answer with 100% accuracy, but I would suggest that a new Cricut would probably have a recient enough firmware to allow Make The Cut to work without upgrading (our small cricut did).
      Even the Cricut design studio Demo will allow you to upgrade the firmware, so if the even arises, you should be able to install the demo, upgrade the firmware, then uninstall it again.

      Hopefully I’ve been some help to you,

    • don’t waste your money on a cricut

  4. MATT, Could you please let me know where you found thePCCPlugin.dll ? I am looking for a trusted site, or could you possibly email it to me? I would be sooo grateful. Had been looking at the Cricut for months and went out on a whim and bought yesterday only to find this software MTC and SCAL no longer support it.

    • From a quick google, I found it hosted on (link no longer worked, see below for a new one). There is no Guarantee it will stay there though. its also possibly available elsewhere too
      I didn’t test the file, I did download it though and it looks like it should be the right one (the size is right at least).
      Follow the BLUE download now button, and wait until the page counts down (the site is very confusing, with download buttons all over the place for crap)

      I hope thats helpful,

  5. I bough the Cricut quite awhile ago because there was so much software that supported it.
    Had I known they would pull this stunt I would have bought something else.

    downloaded the driver to plugin directory
    loaded cricut software and ran in demo mode
    updated firmware to 2.3.4
    (took several tries because as usual I did not read the directions)
    (it takes 2 passes to complete on some units)(follow the directions)
    loaded make the cut
    runs great

    If you are quick enough you can hit stop before it cuts an x through your work
    the software is great and I will buy it after I try a few more things to make sure I can do what I need to do with it.

    Thanks for the info I think I can finally have some fun with this!

  6. Looking forward to trying this, and I’m told MTC will also work with my blue wishblade. I got the cricut by a fluke, but I am sure going to put it to use! I also want to buy the Disney cartridges, just because I am such a HUGE Disney fan and all the cutter files I have that are Disney, almost all are useless for someone like me who needs a full shape to build a paper piecing on… the other thing I want to do is get the deep cut blade housing and cut craft foam with it so I can make shaker boxes. I haven’t been able to accomplish that on my Wishblade, not even with a 3rd party deeper blade, but I’m probably cutting too fast.

  7. Anyone know where this file is still available for the MTC?

  8. Thanks so much I truly appreciate it, as my laptop crashed recently and I lost my files.

  9. Has anyone tried this with the Cricut Expression 2? I’m new to Cricut and MTC and have been looking for a way to use MTC with my CE2 but keep finding answers that say it’s not possible…until I came across this post. I kep thinking “there’s got to be way!” Now I’m hopeful!

  10. Matt can you help me find the PCCplugin.dll a friends computer crashed and she need that file. I have been looking but looks as if PC has gotten to the ones I found to be taken down. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • i just checked the mediafire link i posted a couple of comments above should still work. i just checked, and it seems to be valid, so give that a go

      • Thanks Matt. I didn’t realize there was a link when I posted before. Shortly after I posted for help I did see & clicked that link and saw it was good. Thanks for having the link my friend got it. She is up and crafting again. Told her to make sure to save a backup.

      • Just found your page but didn’t click the link soon enough. It is no longer valid. Still searching though. Have you found any other valid links?

      • Or if anyone has a file to share, it would be much appreciated.

  11. Thank you so much for this information. I bought my cricut on black Friday last year for a great price and then heard about the third party software only to be disapointed with not being able to use it. i am going to try it today and will post with the results

    • I bought the cricut after a *LONG* time of research, watching, and waiting. But, I did it after taking a little break, and missed the whole suing-third-party thing. Had I seen that, I would not have bought it. As it is, I’ve been boycotting Provo Craft, and *ALL* their products, which as a retailer, means a lot of stuff. Anyway, I’ve been searching for solutions, and when I found this one, I thought it was too simple. But it worked, immediatelly, and the first time. I’ve tried it on two Expression machines, one that is Gypsy aware, and one that isn’t (I don’t have the update numbers here) but it worked on both. It’s one thing to “steal” or otherwise dishonestly use something, it’s quite another to BLOCK legitimate uses of what you did purchase, and to “lock” hardware like Provo Craft did, is unconscionable, and a slap in the face to all their supporters, and to creative/crafters in general. Telling us *how* to be crafty is simply wrong. Dead wrong. Anyway, MTC got a new registration they never would have, and PC lost a long time purchaser and reseller. There are boycott sites all over the net, but PC doesn’t care. Though, the recent extended sale on items/cartridges seems to indicate some problems. And, their parent BoA is having a lot of issues too. What goes around comes around. But this solution does work, at least with several versions of the Expresion with software running on windows 7..

      • I am completely in agreement with you. What Cricut/PVC did was shameless and selfish. If they were smart, they would have jumped on the bandwagon like all the other cutter companies did. Now they have turned their reputation from infallible to a very negative one. I’m hoping this solution works for my CE2….

  12. It worked perfectly. I had a harder time updating the firmware from Cricut then I did getting MTC to cut. If anyone has any issues with the drivers not automatically installing when you connect the cricut to a Win 7 computer. You can find a driver that works online. Cricut did not have an easy to find solution especially since the software claims to only work on XP or Vista 32 operating systems. It does work with win 7 64, just FYI. Thank you so much for the information. I used the trial MTC software first to make sure it worked and it did. Now I will purchase the software. I am one happy camper

    • PMA: what cricut machine do you have? I am still optimistic about getting my CE2 to work with MTC, but so far no luck…

      • Hi Breena, Where you able to get this plug in to work on your CE2. I just purchased one yesterday and would like to verify this before I open the box. If not I might have to return it and invest in another machine. Thanks

      • I’m hoping you had some luck, Breena.

      • I haven’t had time to play around with it…and unfortunately my computer skills/knowledge is limited. I will try again, but would love for someone who knows more than I do, to tell me what to do/how to do it! 🙂

      • My hubby is going to try tonight hopefully…I’ll let you know.

      • My hubby tried last night, but hit a road block b/c I don’t have winzip on my computer. That’s $30 I don’t want to spend unless I have to…

      • take the file to a friend who does have winzip or anyone with windows 7 should be able to open it for you.

      • if you are downloading the file from manfred’s list, a couple of them have the file without being zipped up. that should help you get around that. are they still working?
        alternativly, there should be a few zip programs avaliable for free if winzip doesn’t work as freeware anymore.
        I use a demo of winRAR. it will bug you to register when you use it, but it should get the job done.
        or you can try 7-zip. its a free unzipping program.

        I hope thats been helpful.

      • were you able to get the MTC to work with CE2??

    • Do you know if this will work on new cricut expressions 2? Thanks

    • It worked!!! Thanks for your help, Manfred.

    • Phew… I finally found a working link! Thank you so much!

    • Good morning. I am new at this. I have the first Cricut V1.31 personal electronic cutter. Is there a way that I can use Cricut Design space and cut with the machine. Its connected to the computer by the usb port but it says that its not recognized. Is there a driver that I can download to upgrade? Super frustrated I really need some one to explain. Thank you

  13. Matt, you’re awesome! Thank you so much for this post! 🙂

  14. Matt when I tried to download (today) I received a message the file has been removed for violation!! However, Manfred…as of today your first link still works!!! THANK YOU both for your kindness of sharing. My computer crashed and they had to erase everything on my hard drive. I wasn’t up to date on the whole plugin thing until I realized I was going to have to download the newest version of MTC, which wasn’t going to work with my Cricut. I haven’t tried a cut yet, but MTC is now showing Provo Craft Cricut in the list to “Cut Project with…” My day has been made. And not to worry!! I have learned my lesson…I emailed myself the plugin file in the event this ever happens again!! You guys ROCK :O!

  15. which link is it please, please? there appear to be multiple options and i don’t want to get any file other than the needed one, please , please on manfred’s post.

  16. got it….just use the one in the center under the embed information…thanks SOOO much!

  17. you are amazing thank you so much!!

  18. Will this plugin work with the lastest MTC version?

  19. I have a Mac, without bootcamp, So I have to use SCAL. Will this work with it? Where do I put the .dll?

    • sorry, i’m afraid not.
      The DLL file came from Make the Cut before they were forced to remove support for the cricuts from their software.
      as sure cuts a lot is a different piece of software from a different company, you are out of luck i’m affraid.

      • Thanks for the reply Matt, I really love your ingenious work around here. What do I need to do on a mac to use make the cut or SCAL? What are my options here? I have a macbook pro osx 10.7

  20. I have a mac, this is how I solved it to use Make the Cut.

  21. Could someone send me a copy of the PCCPlugin.dll file or tell me where to get one. I have searched and searched and can’t find one that is still good or available!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!

    • I haven’t checked them lately, but if you look thru the comments on this blog, manfred has posted several links to the file.
      they were working last time I checked.
      let me know if they don’t work.

    • I will put the file on my website tonight or tomorrow.
      Check there tomorrow or tomorrow night under APPS.
      It will be zipped so you will need to unzip it.
      You will need winzip or any of several other decompress software.
      If you have any problems getting it let me know.

      • Gerald, just wen to your website and I don’t see the file. Do you still have it available? Just got a Cricut Expression and had no idea it would be so hard to get Scal or Make the Cut.

      • I must oppologise. I am having a problem with the web site. I hope to have it resolved by Friday.

      • Hi, do you still have access to the PCCPlugin.dll file can’t seem to locate it ont your website

  22. AYOY how did you solve it on a mac. Your post shows as blank.

  23. Hi Matt,

    I have downloaded the latest version of MTC and have a copy of the PCCPlugin.dll – what I’m wondering is … you don’t mention specific versions of MTC in your original write up. Am I correct in thinking the .dll file is from an older version of MTC and we are copying it in order to get Cricut to work with MTC V4.0.4?

    – Thanks!

    • HI Kevin,
      the PCCPlugin.dll was taken from a previous version of make the cut, before the makers of the Cricut sued them and Make The Cut had to remove cricut support. luckily, this was done simply by removing the driver plugin for cricuts (the dll file). By adding the dll back into the program, it still works!
      I don’t know for how long though I’m afraid. Evenually I guess Make The Cut may change how their drivers work. Hopefully the don’t though.

      I can only comment on my version of Make The Cut, which is version 3.2.1. Others in the comments might be able to help you though.

  24. We tried last night. Got the plugin downloaded. Downloaded Cricut Craftroom. Tried updating the firmware in CCR, but Cricut Craftroom won’t recognize my Cricut.

  25. I am a little leary about spending the money on the MTC program and want an opinion or two on this. I have the demo downloaded on my computer, the dll is installed and I can cut through the demo mode. Now if I register my MTC, will anything change? Will everything stay the same and work just the way it does now? That is a really cool program!!!

    • If the demo works with the plugin file, once you register, it all should stay the same, and keep working. I’m pretty sure they send you an email with your registration code, which you enter into MTC, and that unlocks the program, and stops it putting a cut through everything.

  26. Matt,
    I received a Cricut Expression for Christmas and found your post here about how to fix not being able to use Scal2 amd Make the Cut. I think I found the driver, can you explain how to download it to my trial of Scal? I am very new to all of this and could use all the help you would care to give!! Thanks!

    • sorry for the slow reply, but i’m afraid to say jenni, but this trick only works in Make the Cut.
      with Make the Cut, it should be as easy as placing the dll file in the plugin directory, as I’ve gone thru in the article.
      the PCCPlugin.dll file only works in Make the Cut because it was originally taken from Make the Cut before they were made to remove support for the cricut.

  27. Kallie

    Please send me an email – I have some questions regarding Make the Cut and Sure Cuts a lot.


  28. Thanks for your post with the information Matt – you’re a life saver! Here’s to Free creativity!!

  29. I have updated the blog post with manfred’s links, the ones that still look like they work anyway. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to find the links!

  30. I downloaded the plugin tested it in demo of MTC it worked, had the X so bought the MTC registration #. It worked a few times and than stopped I don’t know what went wrong. I could kill myself for tinkering with the cricut design room upgrade. I have deleted the cricut design room from my files.

    The error message I still get is that my cricut is frozen and to try the following: a slower speed or move usb cable to different port or update cricut expression firmware to 2.34. I have done everything except for update the firmware to 2.34.

    DId anyone else have a similar experience? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    I am reluctant to upgrade the firmware to 2.34 b/c once you upgrade you can’t go back. Also my thought is if I got it to work with the original firmware of 2.31 I should be able to make it work again.

    Are there folks out there with cricut expression firmware 2.34 and using the plugin successfully? I saw above in the posting there is one person Kallie 08/18/11, who has the 2.34, but want to know if there are other folks? Like I said I’m reluctant to upgrade.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome


    • Hi Jenny,

      May I ask where you downloaded the plugin? I can’t get the links above to work or I’m looking for the wrong thing.


      • There is someone on ebay selling the file, under cricut cartridge. I also upgraded my firmware to 2.34 and it works!!! I don’t remember where I downloaded it, but I bought a copy off of ebay b/c I thought that file might work. It didn’t, I had to upgrade my firmware to get it to work.
        You have to look in free share files servers and do searches for the file. Good luck, it’s out there.

        Matt thanks for your creativity, would never have thought this was possible.

      • I’ve seen references to the person selling on ebay, but I will put money its just someone selling the driver dll file, which is a little scammy to me.

        The download links in my updated blog post should still work, they can be a bit tricky to find the actual download link sometime though, as there seems to be heaps of other “download” buttons all over the place, which kinda sucks

  31. Your absolutely right this person is selling dll file, the versions are the same based on the properties of the file. And he/she cut and pasted your directions above as part of the their directions package. humorous…..

  32. Is there any youtube video to see how to do it?

  33. how to do what Karin?

    • Oh sorry! I mean where I have to put the PCCP file! English is not my mothers language, so some phrases and duscribtions I do no not understand.

  34. Thanks! I am going to try this on my imagine!

  35. I hope i did not miss the answer, I saw the question up there. Can the latest version of MTC be used (4.1)? I tried it and no luck, that however may not be my problem. I thought I would ask if anyone else was successful.

    Thank you all, this is one of the best venues for answers.


    • Replying to myself…. My wife comments I always talk to myself..
      I notice that as soon as I break down and ask that I stumble on the answer. I had just tossed the .dll in to the same place as the other .dll files. I recalled reading above The “PLUG IN” directory. Yep it works fine! 4.1 is compatible it recognized the cricut right away.
      Now if I could just learn how do draw something.
      Actually I just want to convert dxf files, those i can draw.


  36. Are there any working links for the dll still available?

  37. Matt — I’ve been all over the internet, recently got a good deal on a cricut expression. Bought everything needed to get started (including 1 cartridge). But the more I got to reading – the more discouraged I was getting. Not ready to give up…I came across this last night! You all have given me hope that I will be able to use this cricut for designing my own stuff on my machine.

    I downloaded the plug-in & placed it with-in the cricut program inside the ‘plug-in’ file. I’ve closed & pulled back up the ‘make the cut’ program. Plugged my cricut into every usb on my computer…haha. I did see it going thru the install & it does make a noise when I turn it on. But, I do not see the cricut as an option when I choose the ‘cut with…’


  38. I can’t seem to find a free trusted download of the pccplugin.dll file. Can anyone help?

    • Thanks Good Sharer!
      Hopefully the community will find them useful.

      I’m guessing my previous ones are dead now? I’ll check soon, and maybe add these ones up to the original blog.

      • All links on this site appear to be dead. Can someone upload it somewhere and let us know where to find it?

  39. Does this work on the Create?

  40. loaded the plugin with cricut expression 2 the printer loaded but want print what do i do?????

    • The plugin is linked in the comments above a few times. That’s too bad you wasted the money

    • thankyou for sharing! this part worked, now i have to figure out what version of the firmware for my expression i need now. any ideas?

  41. So I’ve downloaded the trial version and got it to work with my cricut perfectly, just with the watermark. So are you saying all I have to do is buy and get the registration code and it will still work?

    • hi Heather,
      Yea, that’s what I did before buying it. ff you have it working with the demo, buying Make the Cut should get you a registration code, which just unlocks the software, and stops it from putting a cut through everything.

      Good luck, I hope you enjoy your cricut the way it should be!

  42. we did everything you suggested but it would NOT update my cricut personal cutter. now what do we do? have they cancelled any updates to this cutter? It was a gift from a friend to me a couple years ago and I just found out I could update it and it wont work.
    suggestions please?

  43. Has anyone had luck trying this with the Cricut Expression 2?

  44. Gill,
    Please let me know how it goes. I was able to add the plugin file to the demo of MTC. That part worked for me. I was able to select the Cricut on MTC. I have not hooked up my Cricut yet. Let me know how it goes. Good Luck!

  45. Matt,
    Tried a couple of the links from Good Sharer. One seemed expired. One was so confusing with so many download buttons to push that you couldn’t tell what you were getting. The one on Hotfile seemed to download but my computer won’t let me put it in the plugins file even though I am administrator. Any advice? Much appreciated.

    • each download is of the same file. If one link doesn’t work, try another one. try not to get too confused!

      • Thanks Matt. I tried the one from Hotfile again today. It did the same thing. It’s ready to download but then my computer tells me I don’t have permission to put it in the plugin folder in MTC. It won’t work if it doesn’t go in that folder, right? Can I download it into another folder and then move it to the plugin folder when I figure out how to override my computer? I ask that b/c it offers to put the file somewhere else on my computer after it tells me I can’t put it in the plugin folder.

      • yea, that should actually work. Save it to my documents, or where ever you like.
        Once you have it saved, you should be able to copy and paste the file from its current location to the new location. I think windows will still ask for admin rights, but you should now be able to allow it.

        Hopefully thats helpful.

      • Looking for the plugin, have not been able to find at all. Could you point me in a direction or contact me to send a copy.

      • hi Peter, if you look in the comments above, you should find some links to the file you need.

  46. can the make the cut work on the CE2! i have the program but when i go to cut its giving me a message needs to instal firmware or something…can someone help me please!!!!

    • I’m sorry Julie, I don’t know the device, I can’t say for sure if its possible or not. Maybe someone else reading can help?

  47. I ‘thought’ I was getting a deal when I found the CE2…I had no idea about the whole lawsuit thing and was under the impression I would be able to find some software that I could use true type fonts. What to do now? Has anyone had success with this? I’m no computer guru and I’m also working on a mac…
    Any ideas would be appreciated

    • I know I didn’t know about the lawsuit. I am trying to find out if the cricut expression 2 will work with the make the cut program??

      • If I go buy the reg cricut expression my make the cut program will work right! I bought it before they made it illegal!

  48. I need a little bit of help I have the needed pluggin’s for my cutter but when I attempt to go download I have a problem… it says the FTDI D2XX driver needs to be installed. I go to Help>advanced>FTDI D2xx driver… the download completes and then gives me the “install” button. When I click it I get an error “The driver cannot be installed. [1]” I don’t have my machine plugged in and am just about to pull my hair out trying to figure this out… PLEASE HELP!

  49. what version of Cricut firmware do i need to have (i have the exxpression pink)? how do i know which i have? when i tried to use the Craftroom I was prompted to “update” firmware! I got nervous and stopped because i would prefer to use the MTC if i can make it work.

    • ok. i have version 2.31, sooo…is this good enough for MTC? AND, if i update to use the Craft room will i still be able to use MTC?
      i am trying to determine what version it wants to install, I think that it is version2.43
      so what version (s) is the MTC compatible with?
      thank you!

  50. after many hours of research i have MTC up and running with the Cricut pink !!! Thank you to everyone who contributed here! I want to share what i have learned. Cricut Craftroom is updating to firmware V 2.43, I was told not to update to that unless i HAD to. as i had V2.1 i could not leave alone, so I used the DS trial which is still updating to 2.34

    • Lisa,
      is this the espression 2???? Oh, you and I will have to talk if it is!!!!! =)

      • I keep thinking there HAS to be a way to make the CE2 work and I’ve been patiently waiting to hear from that brilliant person who knows enough to figure it out! Hope someone out there can! I’m optimistic! 🙂

      • hi
        i think it is just a version of the E, not the E2 😦 sorry i have heard they are different firmware, and that this will not work but i could be wrong. what version firmware does it tell you when you first turn the machine on?

    • i have a ce2 also..please let us know if it worked

    • lissa,
      Did you end up updating your Cricut firmware to 2.34? and did it work with MTC? Mine keeps telling me to, too. And I was hesitant, like you. Hoping it worked for you. Let me know

  51. hi
    did you get this resolved? are you talking about when you are downloading the paid for version of MTC?

    • honestly Lissa, I haven’t even had a chance to plug it in!! So once I plug it in will it tell me? LOL…sorry I’m so techinically challenged. =)

  52. Has anyone gotten this to work with the E2

  53. Why cant I download the FTDI driver?

  54. Very interesting…and informative. Is it possible to do this with a mac running OS X10.4? pccdil doesn’t sound like a mac file, but I’m no expert. I want to use Truetype fonts to cut white decals from decal paper on my cricut. Since cricut doesn’t do real fonts (all are too cartoony for my use) I can’t use their cartridges (except Plantain and Sans Serif).

    What was Cricut thinking, removing their own utility from hundreds of applications. I’m not buying anything of theirs because it doesn’t work for ME.

    • Hi Richard,
      Unfortunately it won’t work on a mac, this only works with the Make The Cut software.

      • If you have a Mac run VM Fusion software and run Windows on your Mac, that’s my work around

      • My old mac won’t take many more “improvements.” Guess I’ll hold off ’til I get a new Mac, then get an emulator.


  55. My husband got me the E2 for my birthday and I also didnt realize all the issues. Can anyone tell me if they have gotten the MTC to work with the E2?

  56. how about a mini.. should be the same rite?

  57. This method no longer works. Make the cut update to version 4.1.1

    On 7/18/2012 a new version of Make The Cut! was released (version 4.1.1) which no longer allows the Cricut Plug-in to be loaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Any ideas?

    • That does make things tricky.

      The download page now says 8/17/2012, but its still now help.

      Maybe a new serial will work on an older install file, so you might be able to get lucky if you can find an older install file on the internet. (this isn’t tested though)

      If people have it all working now, I recommend making sure you have a copy of your install files so if you need to reinstall it in the future, you still can.

      This is really a great shame

  58. I have the cticut Expression. Had downloaded the MTC software and used it a lot. Had someone work on my computer and they erased the MIC program. Is there anywhere I can get the copy back. I need it desperately. I have a small business and used that a lot. PLEASE can someone help? I need it ASAP/

  59. Doesnt work with version 4.1.1. It said it could no longer load the cricut plugin. Any thoughts

    • I’m guessing they have been pressured into stopping the existing plugin from working

      Unfortunately, I can only recommend trying to find the install for an older version of MTC. I don’t know if it will accept the unlock serial key for the current version though, so i’m not sure if thats actually an option.


  60. Awe this makes me sad. I too, have the Expression and got MTC back in the day but had to recently reformat. I thought I saved what I needed from my old program, but I obviously was wrong. I even found a program to help recover files from a recent format and although I found my MTC stuff, nothing has worked. The Expression is useless w/o MTC to me. 😦

  61. I was excited to find this page back in april just before I bought my Cricut and kept it as a bookmark. I had not gotten to try this out due to moving and now that its September I can’t use it. I am so sad I seriously feel like I just want to trow the stupid Cricut in the trash because I don’t like that I can’t use my own programs with it. I have been doing a little research this evening and I have found a different cutter The Silhouette Cameo its a little bit more than I paid for my Cricut but well worth it in my opinion since it can be used as an item like this should be. I feel like the makers of Cricut just shot themselves in the foot because their own program is awful and you don’t have the option of using your own. I believe I will be getting rid of my used once Cricut Expression and the proceeds will go to the purchase of the Silhouette.

  62. Do you know where I can find a copy of Make the Cut 4.1.0–Legally.

  63. Hello,
    I’m sooo late on this thing. But anyways, Quick question. If I find the old download MTC 4.1 demo, then do the plug in, I would still need to the register number correct? If I end up paying for it, would that automaticlly upload/install the new MTC 4.1.1? Has anyone tried that?

    • I’m not too sure weather it works or not. Basically it depends on how the registration code is generated.. By activating, it won’t automatically update to the newest version, You just enter a serial number I’m pretty sure.

      I don’t know if the new serial number will work with the old software. I don’t know if its been tested. If someone does though, it would be nice to know

  64. Hi Matt, I’m sorry I’m asking you this because it seems that you have been at it for months. I have a “CE” I have the old MTC software demo v.3.2.1 I believe. Can you tell me if I buy the registration code will that make it work on my CE without cutting the X through everything? Thank you so much for your time!

    • Hi,
      sorry for the slow reply. I’m really not sure if the current serial will work with the older MTC.
      If someone is game to test it, it would be interesting to know.


      • Windows 7 experience.
        I had the provo c personal electronic cutter working in demo mode on v.3.2.1.
        I downloaded the new version. I installed it in its own directory so it would not over write v.3.2.1. I Happily gave MTC $58 through the website. (nothing magic there. I just wanted to get their cut for all the good work they do.)
        15 or 20 minutes later I had a serial number that I used to register v.4.1.1. When I launched v.3.2.1 it stopped asking me to register the program. Happy day. I immediately started cutting sign vinyl for 19 volleyball players names to hang in the local high school gym.
        your mileage may vary.
        Good luck.

  65. I have a solution if your laptop dies and won’t boot up and your MTC old version is on the computer. Note that after I downloaded the newest MTC my cricut driver trick no longer worked.

    I removed my hard drive from my laptop
    Purchased a $9 USB 2.0 SATA Enclosure from Frys
    I inserted my old hard drive in the enclosure
    Connected the USB cord that comes with the enclosure to my new laptop
    Bingo! The enclosure becomes and external drive and gives my access to my old MTC. I then copied the old version to my new laptop. Be sure to rename your OLD version so that you know which is which.

    I was literally in tears because you cannot find an old version of MTC. I am not a tech or anything. I watched 2 videos on You Tube and that was it. I think the term is slave drive.

    I hope this helps someone.

  66. Has anyone been able to find MTC v4.1.0 anywhere?? I’m assuming Provo Craft has been trolling the internet extensively to ensure that it is not available for download any longer. I am desperate to find it if anyone has a source ppppplease point me in the right direction.

    • I have a CD ,You will still need your old log in info. You can contact me 480 296-5511

      • Is there anyway that I can get a copy from you? I just found out about this and would love to have an updated version that still works with my cricut. I *NEED* to be able to edit the nodes in my project and can’t in the old version I have.

      • Michelle call me at 480 296-5511 and I will see if I can get you a copy.

    • I have it and would be more than happy to let you have a copy of it. It would only work in demo until you get a serial number, but I can’t imagine anyone cares if share older versions of their software

    • I have it. But can’t get it to NOT cut the giant X thru my projects! 😦

      • Tina,was it you that was still looking for a copy of MTC 4.1? I can get you a copy if you have an activation code.

  67. I downloaded the dll plugin and after some trial and error, Provo Craft Cricut shows up in my “Cut with” tab. My problem now is, I get an error when I hit cut that reads…”Unable to open a connection to the Cricut machine”. Any ideas on what to do now?

    • Yes…all you do is uncheck the box (when the cut menu pops up) that says do not use USB or something like that.

  68. ok so i have a cricut cake version 2.43, and im trying to make it work with the MTC program. with all the changes recently is there a computer guru out there that can explain to me how to make this work or tell me if it can even be done….. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT…THANKS

  69. Please help! My computer crashed and I lost my Make the cut software 3.2 and I have fought this and still can’t get it to work.

  70. Anyone have lucky with CE2??? Must be a way….

  71. I just got a CE2… Didn´t now about all this things going on… Otherwise would bought Expression only. Trying… Just Installed MTC 4.1.0 Loaded the DLL file and in the menu “Cut Project with…” apeared the “ProvoCraft Cricut” option. I choose this option it opens me a dialog box Already selected “COM13 (Cricut Expression 2 (TM)) I hit Start and it apears “Preparing… Please Wait (4)” And get stucked there…. nothing else happens and i have to forced close MTC… All that i got. I sure its just a case of one update in the driver… But who will do this????

  72. Hello Everyone!!!! NEED more people helping with this tests… Sorry about my english…. I continue to read all about the MTC and Cricut and i got some different results. Now. I just went to MTC> Help Menu > Advanced > Download and Install FTDI Drivers. It asked to disconect the cricut. I made This. Installed the drivers. And tried to cut again…. WWWOOWWW Now it conected to my Expression 2 and not got stuck like before and says a diferent Error.. Said that the cricuit is in a diferent Firmware Version and asked me to Update…. Please… Come on please, lets make tests and we will find a solution to CE2!!! Thanks Felipe

  73. felipe where did you get 4.1?

  74. 4.1 Is no longer available for download. You must had it from some backup.

  75. This last days i´m dedicated to test a lot of things now my MTC talks to the Cricuit Expression 2. All the Time it opens the connection, but returns me an error telling that the machine is not on the correct firmware Level. This is accepted because Cricut Expression 2 uses diferent firmware numbering. I’m pretty sure that someone who knows how to edit a .DLL file can easily edit the file PCCplugin.dll and correct this.. Surely we will not get it officially from MTC makers as what I’m reading lately … If some kind soul would make available to do so?

  76. has anyone able to use make the cut with cricut expression 2

  77. Felipe

    I just got the same results for the espression 2….have you had any luck yet?

    this is the link that i used to get the PCCplugin.dll
    Extract it to a safe directory and then copy it to the MTC plugin directory

  79. No…. I have no sucess yet… Now every time i trie to cut. MTC conects to Expression 2 but says the machine is in the wrong firmware version…

  80. I had the old version of Made the Cut and somehow lost it off my computer. I used it so much and I really loved it. Is there any way I can get a cd of it. I’ll be glad to pay for

  81. Dose anyone out there have the old driver 1.1 for the Cricut they can send me?? My computer had died and I can’t seam to find it on the internet. You can email me at
    Thank you, Amber

  82. I have downloaded the file in the plug-in directory but my Cricut still does not show up in “cut with”. any ideas?

  83. If anyone still has an older copy of Make The Cut that is compatible with the dll please PLEASE send me a copy!!! I will be very grateful 🙂

  84. does anyone know if this will work with sure cuts a lot?

  85. I’m really toooooo late to find all this info. Had the cricut personal for a long time but didn’t use it due to the high cost of the cartridges. Now it seems no where to find the old version software. Does anyone out there can help me? Please.

    • Did you have Make The Cut and use it with your Cricut? If so, I could make you a copy of the software as long as you have a product code to activate it.

      • Thanks for the reply. From what I understand, I need a previous version to make it work, then I can purchase the license to activate it. Is that not the case? Thanks.

      • i am not sure. I have the old version, but not sure if it will work with a new activation code or not.

      • Thank you very much for trying to help me out here. If only I could get a hold of an older version to try it on…

      • Maggie, you could get a copy of the old version that I have and try it as a demo. It is illegal for me to give anyone my activation code though. I would think if it works as a demo, any activation code would keep it working on Cricut. But, who knows now that there has been a law suit. If you want to try it, I can send you an invoice through Paypal for $15 to cover the cost of the cd and shipping.

      • Hey Shari. It seems like you got this figured out!

        Would you still be willing to make a copy of your older version of MTC and send it to me? (I have a registration code when I bought the program in 2009 – would that work?)

        I reformatted my computer and didn’t save ALL the MTC files necessary to reinstall it…all I have is the MTC!.exe file. The version I had was What an idiot am I?

        If so, you can send me a paypal invoice to

  86. Hack the planet right on. To those of you looking for older file search online for torrent of the version you need and you will find with keygen so free.

    • Dear God,
      Not sure of what you wrote,.keygen….is that keygendotcom?
      Thanks for the info and any assistance you may provide!
      Deciple 😉

  87. Has anyone tried the torrent shown above? When I Scan the file it says that there is some malware in the files. But I know there could be some false positives out there. I’m not sure what the purpose of the Keygen is exactly, would it be to not have to buy the license for Make the Cut? I just want to have access to an older version to use the CE2. This is the website where I Downloaded the torrent from and in the comments it does say someone was able to get it to work with the CE2. Any feedback would be appreciated.


    • Often key generators will be detected as a virus of some description. Its got something to do with how the program works I think. Yes, its so the downloader doesn’t need to buy it. Its always best to support the authors of the software, especially the smaller guys like Make the cut.
      Its a shame MTC have been forced to remove support. It sounds like you already own a newer version of MTC, so I guess you have to do what you have to do to make it work.
      Briefly reading the comments, it would indicate that it works, but you need to enter the key every time you restart the program. It adds a little pain, but if that is what you have to do to get use of your device, then so be it!

    • I found my copy of MTC 4.1 bundled with the dll file and a keygen. It works beautifully! I can cut images, fonts, mtc and svg files on my Cricut Expression (firmware 2.3.4). I also have a copy of Design Studio which I used to update my Cricut Expression firmware. I got everything via a torrent file and there were no detectable malware or viruses. I did however register my MTC software by purchasing a license. Its not fair to use the keygen and rob the developer. Best $58 I’ve ever spent!

  88. Has anyone got this to work on a cricut expression 2?

  89. anyone get the imagine work? I am just sick about not knowing this info before I bought this!!

  90. don’t buy a cricut

  91. Any updates… I am having a hard time finding the PCC file or getting a torrent to work.. HELP please…

  92. Hey All!

    I have the Cricut Cake which is essentially the Expression, which was purchased prior to this lawsuit and downfall of my trust in PC and/or and Cricut products. I was using it just fine as my MTC version is the 3.2.1, along with the plugin PCCPlugin.dll and with Windows Vista operating system. My computer crashed badly and is virtually unsalvageable at this point. We purchased a new Dell computer with Windows 8 installed and now my MTC wont work properly. I reinstalled the original disc and it does give the Cricut as an option for cutting, but the cutter moves VERY slowly, even on fast speed, and isn’t cutting in the normal usual pathway, it’s sort of skipping around. It does recognize the image I was trying to cut though, and the cutting process is shown advancing on the MTC screen as it cuts. I have the plugin still saved in a file, but wasn’t sure how I initially added it a few years ago to the MTC file. Would I need to reinstall this? Please advise…I miss my MTC and hate PC!

  93. Does anyone know if this works on a MacBook? If it does, could you be kind and tell me how to do it? I’m new to the Cricut world and I can’t afford to buy those pricey cartridges!

    • I just got a cricut mini, and I have MTC 4.1 with the PCC plugin installed. When I click cut with my Cricut mini plugged in and on the software recognizes it, but it errors and says it needs a driver. Is it a glitch on the software that it recognizes a Cricut mini? I’ve heard everywhere else that a Cricut mini won’t work with 3rd party software.

  94. Has anyone gotten it to work with the Cricut Expression 2 yet? I received one as a gift for Christmas and have now realized how much of a money trap it is. I would really appreciate any help.

  95. This seems to be a very popular question. I have seen several “hacks” for MTC and the Cricut Expression but nothing concrete on the Expressions 2

  96. Does anyone have a digital copy or link for the old Make The Cut Software?

    • I can send you a copy of version 4.1 if you have the activation code. I charge $15 to cover the cost of burning a cd and shipping. Let me know and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

      • Hi I have just bought the cricut expression. so sad and angry now i find that i cant use design software. i would be happy to buy the cd but i live in the united kingdom. can you post to the uk? also how do i get an activation code. happy to pay for info. best wishes linda

      • Linda
        I am looking for version 4.1 of MTC so I can cut with my Cricut. I now have Vers. 4.6.1, and that doesn’t work. I would be extremely happy if you would send me a copy and I would gladly pay for the CD and shipping.
        Evelyn R.

      • Evelyn R, I have a copy and can send you an invoice via Paypal to cover shipping and the cost of the CD. Send me your email address and I will get it out to you as soon as I receive payment.

      • Shari, Sorry I saw Linda, and typed in the wrong name.

  97. Linda, I have the old version that I purchased before the law suit. The activation code comes when you purchase the software. Many people that had the old version, have replaced their computers and lost the software for MTC. I have sent some of these people copies of the program and they use their own activation codes.

    I don’t know if you were to purchase the software now to get an activation code, if it will work on the older versions. You could possibly ask MTC. If so, I could get you a copy of 4.1 version that I use to design and cut with my Cricut Expression.

    I am also unaware if the new Cricuts have somehow blocked the ability to use MTC

    Sorry, wish I could be of more help. If you find out any of these answers, I would love to hear the outcome.

    Shari Britton

  98. I am using MTC 4.1.0 AND SCAL 2 with my Expression. Neither program will work with any Provo machine after the Expression….that I know of….

  99. Shari
    I am interested in the cd too but am completely new to cricut and am wondering if you include steps in this software process….lol I got a cricut for $50 the older personal cutter and am excited to give it a try but don’t want to spent $50 a pop for the cartridges. Please let me know and am willing to pay 🙂

  100. Can I use any of thesee for the mini?

  101. any fixes for the CE2 yet? I really need help!

    heather dot Hendrix at usm dot edu

  102. all this is totally illegal.. do not pay for scal or mtc from anybody but or

    • what are you a lawyer?

    • can scal or mtc be used on ce2, PLEASE ADVISE, PLEASE!!

    • It is not illegal. I had it working way before the law suit. I don’t give out my activation code which means if someone wants to use it, they have to purchase the program. I am just supplying the copy of the software. It will not work if they don’t have their own code!

  103. I need help.I recently got a newer computer. I have had MTC for awhile now and have not ever had an issue until the new computer. I have the MTC disk version 2.3.2 . I am no longer able to use the MTC to cut with. Can anyone help please? I get the messages : unable to set device parameters, cartridge not loaded, mat not loaded.The cartridge and mat are loaded though. Any help would be appreciated!

  104. Has anyone tried to install MTC 4.1.0 with the Cricut Expression on Windows 8.1?

    • Yes, I have it on mine. HP laptop with windows 8.1

      • I must be missing something easy. I put MTC 4.1.0 on my new computer (Windows 8.1), registered it, downloaded the FTDI drivers and nothing. Any ideas?

      • Holy Cow…I forgot to move the Plugins over to the MTC folder. Gah…that only took a week for me to figure out. I’m up and running!

  105. Does this work for the new explorer version? any hacks to get free carts? these guys are rip offs!!

  106. Does this method work for the cricut cake? I really hope so, I just bought my neighbors and I was clueless!!!

  107. Just bought an original Crichton machine new in the box and was wandering if I can still get MTC or any other software that will let me design in Illustrator and cut in the cricut? Thanks! 🙂

  108. OK for all of those people who have asked if anyone can get the MTC to work with Expression 2. I’m afraid we are SOL (s**t out of luck) on this one. I have the 4.1.0 version of MTC installed on my Windows 10 Laptop. I have the PCCPlugin.dll installed into the plugins folder in the program and I also have an Expression 2. I have spent the last 24 hours researching this and trying to get it to work. The program will load great and when you click on the ‘cut project with’ it shows the ProvoCraft Cricut, so we know the plugin is working fine.

    When the machine is plugged into the laptop via the USB cord and you click on the ‘cut project with’ file a pop up box appears which is the plugin required to make it work. The plugin also shows which COM Port your E2 is using, (under the Serial Port Box) Load your paper, click start on the plugin pop-up box and NOTHING HAPPENS! The reason nothing is happening is because there are no specific drivers for the E2 which will work on the MTC program. I have researched extensively to try and find drivers, but none appear to exist.

    So, then what about importing SVG Files into the Cricut Craft Room software? Well again, we are SOL on that too, because the V1.0 Build 187 of Craft Room does not allow you to import SVG files. Or….if it does I certainly haven’t found a way to do it.

    I really hate it when software beats me, but without a driver to connect the MTC software to the E2 machine I’m afraid there is nothing else we can do. To say I am annoyed that I cannot use the MTC software with my E2 is an understatement. I hope this answers the question for all those people who want to know if it will work with the E2. The plain an simply answer is NO, sorry.

  109. OK for all of those people who have asked if anyone can get the MTC to work with Expression 2. I’m afraid we are SOL (s**t out of luck) on this one. I have the 4.1.0 version of MTC installed on my Windows 10 Laptop. I have the PCCPlugin.dll installed into the plugins folder in the program and I also have an Expression 2. I have spent the last 24 hours researching this and trying to get it to work. The program will load great and when you click on the ‘cut project with’ it shows the ProvoCraft Cricut, so we know the plugin is working fine.

    When the machine is plugged into the laptop via the USB cord and you click on the ‘cut project with’ file a pop up box appears which is the plugin required to make it work. The plugin also shows which COM Port your E2 is using, (under the Serial Port Box) Load your paper, click start on the plugin pop-up box and NOTHING HAPPENS! The reason nothing is happening is because there are no specific drivers for the E2 which will work on the MTC program. I have researched extensively to try and find drivers, but none appear to exist.

    So, then what about importing SVG Files into the Cricut Craft Room software? Well again, we are SOL on that too, because the V1.0 Build 187 of Craft Room does not allow you to import SVG files. Or….if it does I certainly haven’t found a way to do it.

    I really hate it when software beats me, but without a driver to connect the MTC software to the E2 machine I’m afraid there is nothing else we can do. To say I am annoyed that I cannot use the MTC software with my E2 is an understatement. I hope this answers the question for all those people who want to know if it will work with the E2. The plain and simple answer is NO, sorry.

  110. OK for all of those people who have asked if anyone can get the MTC to work with Expression 2. I’m afraid we are SOL (s**t out of luck) on this one. I have the 4.1.0 version of MTC installed on my Windows 10 Laptop. I have the PCCPlugin.dll installed into the plugins folder in the program and I also have an Expression 2. I have spent the last 24 hours researching this and trying to get it to work. The program will load great and when you click on the ‘cut project with’ it shows the ProvoCraft Cricut, so we know the plugin is working fine.

    When the machine is plugged into the laptop via the USB cord and you click on the ‘cut project with’ file a pop up box appears which is the plugin required to make it work. The plugin also shows which COM Port your E2 is using, (under the Serial Port Box) Load your paper, click start on the plugin pop-up box and NOTHING HAPPENS! The reason nothing is happening is because there are no specific drivers for the E2 which will work on the MTC program. I have researched extensively to try and find drivers, but none appear to exist.
    So, then what about importing SVG Files into the Cricut Craft Room software? Well again, we are SOL on that too, because the V1.0 Build 187 of Craft Room does not allow you to import SVG files. Or….if it does I certainly haven’t found a way to do it.

    I really hate it when software beats me, but without a driver to connect the MTC software to the E2 machine I’m afraid there is nothing else we can do. To say I am annoyed that I cannot use the MTC software with my E2 is an understatement. I hope this answers the question for all those people who want to know if it will work with the E2. The plain and simple answer is NO, sorry it won’t.

  111. Awesome post! Came up on first page of Google. My wife just bought a used Cricut and I saw the sub and immediately thought of some software. Got discouraged when I first read that it couldn’t be done but that went away the more u read you post. I’m gonna give this a try! Thanks a lot!

  112. OK. Total newbie here. I just got a used Cricut Personal, v 1.45. I have two cartridges- the George and Basic Shapes plus Jasmine. I have been working on trying to access other images for over a week and am about to run screaming from the room! I am not very tech savvy, so I need to know basics and finding the basics for this older machine is almost impossible. I am hopeful that I can find a way to avoid buying a ton of cartridges right off the bat. I had been under the impression that I could use the Design Space, Design Studio or Craft Room to get other basic images. But that is not working for me. I am super frustrated. Anyone out there who can walk me through the basics?

  113. Will it print things like bookmarks?


  115. Is this still available and working? Or are there updates?

    • Not really. unfortunately they updated things some time ago, so neither compatible cricut cutters or the software is easily available any more.

  116. tengo una cricut cake v2.43, he descargado y remplazado el archivo PCCPlugin.dll pero no me funciona. No aparece en la lista de cortadoras.
    Ayúdenme porfavor.

  117. i have purchased the cricut the old one and does anyone have any idea if you can connect using a usb cable to your pc ,? as some of the chat goes back awhile x

  118. can some help a vet use a circut work i need to make a few things cant afford all the cartilages

  119. I just had extensive email with Provo/cricut staff who said that if you download Cricut Design Studio from their website (seem to be many like me who still use it), the software will auto update a Cricut expression machine to ver 5.7, making it impossible to use the machine with SCAL2 software. As you know SCAL2 will only work with the machine if the firmware is not higher than 2.34. I am not going to take a chance on installing CDS and loosing ability to use wonderful SCAL2. Now have to go back to using cartridges to cut with no software…ugh…all because of Provo greed.

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