Steel Butterfly

With all the welding I’ve been doing lately, I decided I wanted to make something for Diana, my wife. I have been seeing around the internet people making garden decorations etc from small bits of metal, and nuts and bolts etc….

I had the idea of making a butterfly, so I cut out some wing shapes from the 25mm strap that I’ve been using to practice on, and welded them together.

Trying to find something to make the body out of was the hardest part, I initially thought of bolts, and a short piece of rebar, but ended up cutting the body out of another piece of 25mm strap.

The legs are pieces of 2.5mm welding rods.

After it was all welded, a quick spray of Diana’s favorite colour sealed it so it shouldn’t rust, and will keep it looking nice.

I love you sweetie. xoxoxoxox

Have a look below at the finished product. I didn’t take any in progress shots unfortunately.


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