Mr Fire Safe

It’s always best to be prepared for things such as fire especially when you ar doing things with welders and grinders like I have been lately. When I noticed Aldi were selling Fire extinguishers, and fire blankets for cheap, I decided to pick myself up some.

Extinguisher and Blankets

$15 for a 1kg extinguisher, and $5 for Fire blankets, How could I refuse!

The Fire Extinguisher is for my welding cart, and one fire blanket is for the kitchen, and the others for my shed / Welding cart.

I could have shown a step by step process of mounting the extinguisher, but it was so easy, there isn’t much point.

After Choosing where on the cart I wanted the extinguisher, I got out the drill, and with 2 self drilling metal screws through the slots in the mounting bracket, the extinguisher is mounted. The process was so simple and short, I didn’t document it.

Welding cart with fire extinguisher

Here is the cart, with the fire extinguisher mounted! Too easy!

So there we go, now I’m ready if I set anything on fire!


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