Welding bench Mod – Ditching the casters

My little portable welding bench is pretty handy, but the biggest problem with it is that  it’s TOO easy to move. It is pretty unsteady when working at the caster end. It has a little spike that you can push down into the ground to hold it stable, but as it wasn’t designed as a work bench, it doesn’t do the greatest job, especially if you are doing something like using a hack saw on some metal in the vice.

This is one of the old wheels removed from the cart.

To combat the issue, I was thinking of putting some locking caster wheels on it instead of the non-locking casters on it originally. This is a good idea, keeping it easily portable, but allowing some movement still.

Then, I thought, what if it just had feet, and not caster wheels at all? It would reduce the mobility slightly. I’d have to pick up the end to wheel it about like a wheel barrow. I figured that wouldn’t be too much of a loss, and it might prove to be even more stable than having even locking casters on the front. Plus, it wouldn’t cost me anything!

I had some 25mm square section, and i figured I could use that to make legs to go where the casters originally were. After thinking, I thought it would be hard to get a good weld on the trolly and the new legs, as both are rather thin, so I came up with this:

The new feet are made from a nut, a bolt, a piece of 25mm square section, and a short lenght of round section steel.

The nuts are much easier to weld onto the round tube. The square section pieces I’ve welded to the legs makes it easy to slide the legs into place, and then weld them on. I could have probably welded the round legs straight into the trolly, but it is made of even thinner metal then the smaller pieces I used.

One new foot welded onto the cart.

The legs slide into postion, and get welded in. I was hoping to do better welds, but they will hold in this situation. Its so hard to get good welds on such light steel with this setup, and my skills.

It doesn't look too different, but its a lot more stabe now!

So, there we have it. The only addition I think is useful on the feet now is a lock nut on each foot, so they don’t move and get lopsided, but thats easy to do if I decide its needed.


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