My new phone – Huawei Ideos

Huawei IDEOS, an awesome phone, at a steal of a price


I have a new phone. My nokia 5800 started acting strange afer a light drop onto carpet, and became too unreliable to use. I was using an old HTC Touch Pro for a little while, but it was old (likely quite a good phone in its day), and clunky, with an ageing battery, so a decision was made to look into new phones. I was looking at cheaper prepaid phones on vodafone, or phones I could buy outright, as I’ve still got at least 6 months left on my Vodafone plan. Once the plan is up, I’ll likely get a new plan with someone other than Vodafone, and get a new (more expensive) phone with the new plan, so I really just need something to run out my time.

I did quite a bit of research online, and came up with the phone I decided I wanted, which was the LG GW620. It had the best camera of the models that I could find online, It had a slide out keyboard, but it had a resistive touchscreen, and low video recording quality, and lacked the ultimate feature, availability. I couldn’t find one in stores.

Diana, My wonderful wife, and I were at the mall, and out of interest we dropped into a couple of phone shops. Most shops had the other two phones I was looking at, the Ideos, and the LG Optimus. The Optimus was supposed to be a bit sluggish, and just lost out to the Ideos, and in an unplanned spur of the moment purchase, Diana decided to buy me the phone as an early Valentines gift. $150 and a few minutes later, and we were walking out with a new phone.

After getting the phone home and charged up, It didn’t take long for me to start liking Android. This was my first experience with Android, and I have to say I like it.

The Phone

Enough of why I bought the phone, its time to hear about the phone itself.

The spec’s of the Huawei Ideos

  • Android 2.2
  • 240×320 pixel screen res
  • 3Mp camera (no autofocus, fairly ordinary)
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • 528Mhz Processor

The Camera

Photo of my work from the Ideos

Close up indoor photo from the phone

another outdoors photo. It is rather overcast, but still should be plenty bright

And here is a test video to show the even worse quality of the video it takes. Low resolution, and even lower frame rate makes for no fun at all when it comes to taking video ūüė¶

The camera is probably this phone’s biggest compromise. I understand that in order to produce such a cheap phone, these compromises must be made.

The Battery

I haven’t really tested the battery too much, but it seems to drop pretty quick. It might work better with¬†WiFi¬†turned off, but seemings the 2 places I use the phone the most – Home and work both have¬†WiFi¬†I can¬†connect¬†to, and both places have pretty useless¬†Vodafone¬†reception, I like to have¬†WiFi¬†turned on so I can play with the phone.

I guess I’ll get a better feeling for the battery life of the phone after I’ve had it for a while, and and after its not so new, and I stop playing with it all the time.

The Conclusion

As a cheap, prepaid introduction to Google Android, I am blown away. It is somewhat slow when compared to the top of the line monsters, so It will struggle with many heavier games (I tried Angry Birds, and had no luck with getting it to work). I guess the screen is kind of small in comparison to these phones too, but I like the size, it keeps the phone easily pocketable.

By far the worst feature with the phone is its camera. It is evident that this is where they saved a fair bit of money, as this is generations behind many phones. Even though I’m pretty keen to have a phone, The crappy camera was a compromise I’m glad I made. I am actually glad I got this one over the other phones I was looking at, as having Android 2.2 and a capacitive touch screen make the user experience so much nicer than I believe it would have been otherwise.

Would I recommend this phone? Sure I would, if you don’t mind a crappy camera, and possibly fairly short battery life. I haven’t used any of the other similar budget Android phones to be able to compare them. I would say it is a pretty awesome phone for what it costs. I’m happy I got it.

Thank you my love. xoxoxox


5 thoughts on “My new phone – Huawei Ideos

  1. Good to hear that is a good little phone! Someone at work just got one too!

    What would you buy next? While I’m an iPod fangirl, I have issues with the restrictiveness of acquiring content for the iPhone, and to be quite honest the cost as well. I’ve been thinking android for a bit, there seem to be quite a few apps around.

    As for the camera, I have a 2mp at the moment, and have never bothered with the video feature. What would I do with the video afterwards is always my question…

    And the all important girly question, is yours blue like the one you posted?

  2. from my very limited android experience, there seems to be a lot of apps out there, and all the big ones on the iphone are ported to android anyway.

    I think if you can afford to spend a bit more than I did, there are probably some better phones out there.You’ll want a faster one (and maybe a bigger screen) for playing games like angry birds etc… we didn’t want to spend too much, becase after 6 months or so, this phone will get relegated to backup dutys when we get a new plan. for the cost, this is an awesome phone in my opinion.

    Mine is blue, but it actually comes with a yellow and pink backplate for it, so you get to choose after you bring it home!

  3. LOL yeah I’d probably want to play games… Probably going to go for a $39 cap, so whatever I can get for that is what I’ll end up with. My Nokia has been great, but it is a bit slow, and the apps are fairly limited for it.

  4. I also have this phone and Angry birds runs fine!! Try it again…
    And yes the camera sucks which means I sometimes have problems reading qr cordes ūüė¶
    But hey it was SOOO cheap! ūüėõ

  5. its good even me i want to have one but i stiil have aploblem finace

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