Alloy Brazing

Aluminium Brazing

This is my quick first attempt at trying aluminium brazing. If you look, there was no take up on the tube of the alloy rod

This is my quick first attempt at trying aluminium brazing.

It works , but its a little harder than normal silver soldering. My one attempt wasn’t 100% perfect, it was quite poor actually, with the round tube not successfully taking the alloy brazing rod. This could be solved, in my opinion, by a bit more prep, and “tinning” each piece with the brazing rod separately, and then fitting  them together, before re-heating, and adding more rod.

To use these rods, you basically heat the aluminium, until it is hot enough to melt the brazing rod on the joint. Once the rod has begun to melt, you then need a stainless steel point, or brush, to scratch the surface of the base metal, which is currently covered in molten filler rod, to remove the oxidised alloy. Once this fresh metal is revealed, the molten brazing rod can properly wet the pieces, and create a successful join.

I’m thinking my backup plan for the exhaust, is one of these rods, and a hacksaw, to modify the direction the pipe is bent. I do want to try to make my own complete header though. We will see how things go.

Anyway, this was only a short one today. Hopefully I’ll have something juicy for you next week, Cheers.


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