Fuel Filters and Body Pins

Fuel Filters

First off today we have the fuel filter. The name says what it does, it filters the fuel before it goes into the engine. On a small Ebay shopping expedition I bought  2 of them for the Colt. I figure its a small and cheap way to help protect my little car.

Contents of filter packet

This is what comes in the packet

When I opened the post packet, I saw that the two filters I bought both came with a spare filter element, which will be handy. Unless I break the outer filter part, i shouldn’t need to buy another filter for a while. The filters also came with a small black plastic device. a quick google search informed me that it is a fuel line clip for holding the fuel line (and/or cutting the fuel line off by sliding it into the thinner groove of the clip).

Installation was a fairly easy process, you simply cut the fuel line between the tank and the engine, and put the filter in the middle. You need to work the filter into the tube ends, which can be a little tricky.

Cutting the fuel line. The hose clamp came in handy here, as the tank still had fuel in it

It would have been a slightly easier process had I done it with an empty tank, but I chose to go with the option of leaving the fuel in the tank there to do the operation. The fuel line on the tank side was the hardest to get on, partly due to the fuel in the tank, and partly due to the length and position of the line.

The filter installed on the car

The filter installed on the car. Hopefully it isn't too close to the exhaust

Body Pins

The last time I took the car for a drive, I managed to loose one of the pins that hold the rear wing onto the rest of the car, so while I was gettting some bits and pieces I thought i’d grab some more of these too. it cost a couple of dollars for a packet of 10. There isn’t too much to them, so next time I need some, I’d be tempted to bend some up from paperclips or similar. we’ll see how they go.

The two different body pins. The chromed pin is an original one

The chrome pin is one that came with the car. Note the larger up turned curved section

When I fitted the new pins to the car, I did click to one major difference in design compared to the original pins. The new pins are quite a bit smaller, and sit flat. The original pins have a larger end, and curve up at the curved end, as to allow easier removal and insertion. For the time being, I have the new pins holding the wing on, as it doesn’t need to come off and on at all. I guess time will tell if they are a pain or not for the body.

So thats it for another installment. Tune in next week, when I will hopefully have the tuned pipe on the car, and will have given the car a run to try out the new upgrades.


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