Colt Buggy, Small Upgrades

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve bought a few things for the Colt Nitro car, to upgrade it a little, making it more reliable, and easier to maintain

First thing I bought was a new air filter. The original one wasn’t so dirty it was useless, but while i was at the hobby shop, i though I might as well add a new one.

Close up of the air filter

The new filter  is a nice purple chromed plastic one. It has a few improvements over the factory original.  It has a screw in the top you can remove, then the top comes off so you can clean the foam and and oil it.

I haven’t yet oiled the filter, but I will, next time

I get a chance to run the car.

slightly wider shot of the filter

The next purchase was the Fail Safe for the car:
Failsafe by the bag it came in

The Idea of the failsafe is to stop the car in the event it looses radio communication. Instead of sticking with open throttle, and going until it hits something, or free reving until the engine gives way, the failsafe applies the brakes (cutting the throttle), and the car stops. I believe a failsafe is almost a necessity, and I’ve had a few times where my car has lost communication, and wigs out (usually while the car is upside down)

It was really simple to install, simply plugging in line between the throttle servo and the radio receiver. In the photo below, the lead on the failsafe plugs into the radio receiver, and the throttle servo plugs into the port marked on the unit.

The next step is to turn both the transmitter and the reciever on, set the position of the throttle you want the failsafe to apply, and press the set button on the failsafe

The final step is finding somewhere on the car for the unit to sit. thankfully, it is so small that it wasn’t much issue at all. You can see in the photo below that the failsafe fitted perfectly in my electronics box for my car. You couldn’t tell that its on there, apart from when its doing its job!

The Failsafe installed in the car

Thats all I’ve got for you all today, I hope you all have fun.
Stay tuned in for my next installments of my nitro car tweaks – the “tuned” pipe, fuel filter and the clutch bell swap, coming as soon as they get here from world of the internet.


3 thoughts on “Colt Buggy, Small Upgrades

  1. I have just brought one of these to be told Chinese knock off is that true and are u pleased with yours is the exhaust worth upgrading

    • I guess the car is a cheap, Chinese made car, but if its an actual knock off of another car, I’m not sure. If it is, I’d love to know what its a knock off of, as it would be interesting to find out if there is another supply of easily swappable parts out there
      I’m more than happy with my car so far. Its run pretty well.
      I haven’t had a chance to test the exhaust yet, the header that came with the pipe doesn’t fit very well, so you have to be prepared to make it fit.
      Keep an eye out, hopefully I’ll be able to test the exhaust soon enough.

  2. my sons got the colt nitro truggy, like yours, bigger wheels. it falls to bits. but then so does my hsp tyrannosaurus. still fun, do you know the rear diff part number ? ours looks stuffed

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