Colt 10 Buggy. The Info Sheet

So, You may realise, I’ve made an entry into the world of radio control cars, thanks to my then wonderful fiancée, now Loving wife, with my purchase of the Colt 10 Nitro “MARS” buggy.

The car is a 1:10 scale Nitro powered radio control car. I’m new to nitro powered radio control cars, and radio control cars of the grown ups toys, or “serious” radio control cars. As such, this has been a learning experience for me.

When I tried to look up stuff about it online, I came up with very little. The Colt website has a little info, but nothing substantial

I Figured, If I have bought this car, and failed at finding info about it online, than so have other people, so I’ve decided to make this page as a resource for it.

The first reference I’ll post here is the manufacturers website.

One of the first things I’m finding out is the cost of the car is just the beginning of spending money. Since the short time I’ve owned the buggy, I’ve already had to buy replacement front steering hub, and a bottle of shock absorber oil from two different accidents

so, if you are interested in getting into the hobby of radio control cars, be prepared to break stuff, and it’s always good to have spare parts

The next thing I realised is that a tool kit will come in handy sooner rather than later. With my car, I bought a starter kit, which came with a glow plug warmer, charger, a large multi purpose socket, a smaller socket, some screwdrivers, and a fuel bottle. a similar kit is pictured below

<Samsung NV3, Samsung VLUU NV3>

Everything in it is pretty handy, but, as its name implies, its really just a starter set. Pretty soon, You’ll want to expand your kit to your own needs.

Handy tools to have in your kit include:

  • Pliers
  • Knife
  • small spanners
  • larger screwdrivers

and the biggest tool i can think of is an air compressor. Especially if you will ever run your car in remotely dirty locations. They aren’t too expensive these days, and make it really easy to clean off the mud after a run.

Thats it for this post (it was written some time ago, but i hadn’t posted it. Just looking at it now, and it looks complete enough to post, so here you go). Once I accumulate more info on the car, i’ll post it here, and might even make a full reference page, depending on how much I find out.

I hope to post more up soon.


3 thoughts on “Colt 10 Buggy. The Info Sheet

  1. hey can u mention the size of glow plug in that.

    • sorry, I’m afraid i’m out of town at the moment, so can’t try to find out. I’m not sure off the top of my head, I kind of assumed they were a fairly generic size. I could be wrong though.

  2. I am currently looking to modify my colt 10 1/10 nitro drift car 44T spur gear.
    Plastic doesn’t last long but having trouble finding a meta ore alloy replacement!!
    Any suggestions welcome.
    Kind regards Zane

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