With another birthday passing me by recently, my wonderful fiance bought me a gift voucher at the local hobby shop, and with that gift voucher, I bought myself a very cool little toy: 

my colt nitro rc buggy

Nitro Buggy Yea!


It is a 1:10 scale Colt Nitro buggy, and I’m itching to give it a good running. After a rather wet, and busy weekend, I’ve managed to just get it broken in, and I am itching to get a good tune on it, and let it rip. I’ve found that in a muddy courtyard, its very good at picking up mud, and dog hair. As soon as the weather clears up, I’m going to take it out on the park out the front of our house, and have some fun! 

So in the future, expect to see some more on the car, as I get it dirty, and in quite likely, break stuff on it. Also, I’m sure I’ll be making tweaks so it too. Its going to be a whole lot of fun, I hope you will come along for the ride! 



One thought on “N…N…N….N….NITRO!!!!!!!

  1. Cool car ,will be looking forward to see how it tuned up,I cant afford one right now but christmas is around the corner.

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