Solar Panel Bag

Do you hate it when you are away from home, and your phone goes flat when you really need to call some one. It can be a pain in the backside. A while ago, while browsing a website Deal Extreme, which sell all kinds of chinese manufactured stuff, I came across several solar charged backup battery charger for phones and Ipods, and basically anything else which can be charged thru a USB port (Wow, that sounds too much like an ad for DS.)

I ended up buying THIS ONE, pictured below:

solar charger from dealextreme

It seems to do the job. To be honest, I haven’t used it too much. Its more of a just in case tool

(Speaking of Deal Extreme, I warn you, their cheap chinese gadgets are addictive, and once you buy something, you won’t be able to stop buying stuff. )

Today, I came across another solution, which is similar, but to me seems to be a better design. Instead of putting a solar charger in your bag, where most of the time it can’t actually get sunlight, turn your bag INTO the charger. That way, even when you are walking around, or your bag is just sitting on the ground, it will be getting some light, and will be slowly charging its internal battery.

The people over at Talk To My Shirt came up with a DIY solar bag (Their full article here) :

talk to my shirt's diy solar bag

Their version 1 bag doesn’t have a battery, but they mention doing a version 2 bag, with a battery integrated. From what can be seen in the picture. I really like how well they have managed to integrate the solar panel into the lid of the bag.

I feel a potential project coming on! Solar charging bag here I come….. wait for it…… still coming….. like most things, it might take a while…..


One thought on “Solar Panel Bag

  1. i would like to know more details about this solar panel bag….which includes the features of the panel used in the bag, circuit block diagram , complete circuit diagram

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