In-phone video production on a Nokia 5800

A couple of months ago now, I finally ditched prepaid phones again, and got myself a plan, and along with the plan came a new phone.

The phone is Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

I discovered that with the phone, it is possible to film, perform basic editing, add titles, and background music, and then upload it to YouTube, all from the phone itself

The above video, staring my lovely fiancée Diana, was created from start to finish in camera

After you shoot the initial clips, you can trim the clips length, then add other clips to the start or end of the selected clip

trimming the ends of a video

This is the screen for trimming of the video fileshere are all your editing features, in one menu


most of the editing is done thru menu prompts


You can also add titles to the start and credits to the end of clips

You can also swap out sound of a video clip with sound files you have on the phone, adding a musical background, such as in the above example (which, coincidently, I found and downloaded using internet on the phone)

Once you have a video clip you are happy with, you can then log on to YouTube with the phone’s web browser, and upload your video for the world to see. When I uploaded my example video, I used my local WiFi to speed up transfer (and not eat up my DL limit on the phone). You can upload via a 3G connection, but it takes longer

Youtube mobile upload page

My conclusion here: if you don’t have access to a computer with video editing capability, as you are in the field, and need to get a video online, it is possible to shoot, edit, and upload all from the phone. It works, it just takes a little time.

however, even a computer with basic video editing, like Microsoft’s movie maker which came with XP, it might be quicker, as it’s a fairly slow and laborious process to do things in phone.