Portable Vice Stand

My vice stand

Above, you can see the vice stand. I haven’t done much documentation of the process, so you get the finished product, and thats it unfortunatly. The black blob on one leg is a bunch of electrical tape, which i have used to take out the wobble from the stand, as the feet aren’t perfectly even.

This one came about from various projects where I needed to work outside, but needed something to hold and support my work, as well as having a couple of new tools to try out, including an auto tinting welding helmet, and an angle grinder cutoff stand near identical to the one pictured below:

Cutoff machine

In the end, the stand was a bit higher then i had planed. The stand was supposed to be about 90cm high,  but somewhere along the line, I made it 100cm

construction was pretty basic, with the feet in 3 pieces – one full length of about 50cm, the other two are half that and are joind to the large one in the center, a couple of bits of strap welded ontop of the crossed feet to give me somewhere to weld the main pipe, and then there was the main pipe itself wich was welded ontop of the cross. The end plate the vice bolts to was acually already on the pipe I used, so that made my life a little easier.

My welds were far from awesome, but they are holding for the time being. if they break, i can always re-weld the stand, and depending on how things go, I may end up cutting it off and making it shorter, and hopefully improving on my welds. My new welding helmet helped me aim my welds better, and made it much easier to weld. I’m very impressed.

Thats it for another one of my projects. so until next time, have fun, stay safe.


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