Camcorder Microphone Adapter

This is my latest project. It is a converter box that converts the 3.5mm stereo microphone input on my camcorder, into some common interfaces, Such as XLR, RCA, and dual 3.5 mono plugs.

Specifically, the driving idea was driven by the XLR inputs, and I was contemplating making a simple cable with 2 XLRs, but I decided to go with the jiffy box and extra inputs for flexiblilty

 drawing of the converter

As you can see in the above diagram, Pins 1 and 3 of the XLR connectors are actually bridged, which makes the input an unbalanced signal, but should allow me to use the mic such as a sm58 for interviews etc… at least.

A future revision of this project will probably include a pad switch, to allow line level inputs into the camcorder, and version 2 if it ever happens would include a proper active XLR converter, maybe some kind of mixer, level monitor, and possibly if I wanted to go crazy, phantom power, and a headphone amplifier.

Another thing I’ve heard of in the other boxes is a feature that sends a high frequency audio signal thru to the camera to trick on-camera auto gain control into staying at a fixed volume.

Anyway, there wasn’t much in the way of progress shots, but below is a selection of photos of the finished project:






I will likely tidy up the box, maybe making my own custom labels & what not.


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