So, I’ve recieved the  tgimboeja little while ago, and I’ve been slowly getting around to going thru it properly, and documenting everything, and adding my bits and pieces.

OK to start off with, here is the box as it came, just opened up:

and then removing some of the bubble wrap to take a peak:

Here we see a selection of components from the box.

More bits and pieces, a floppy drive out of a laptop, some potentiometers, power supply wall wart, a power conditioner, some valve holders, and a mechanical counter

Next we have a container, largely full of valves of different types, with a few different things on top. For a more detailed documentation of the valves, I recomend you go to the original site of 440hertz. There you will find the valves all labeled up

These are the items in the top of the valve container.
we have some LEDs, a camera flash, some voltage regulators, a Light Dependant Resistor, a radio IC, and a couple of guitar effects (the details of those are on the above website also)

A couple of Phones, and a PSone controller. the nokia looks like it would be technically servicable, but the Dopod looks well and truly dead.

Playstation Two DVD remote (the IR reciever is in the box too). I almost kept this, as I do have a PS two, but I don’t really use it for DVDs, so didn’t see the point

A big old multimeter. Auto ranging. Looks pretty heavy duty

Things I’ve taken from the box

There are a few things in here I haven’t pictured above, but were in the box.

First up, we have a small selection of bits and pieces.  a few potentiometers, some RCA connectors,  a small relay, a speaker and a vibrator from a mobile phone, some infra red interuptor beams, a 556 chip (can we say Atari Punk. oh yea!), and an OPA3134 opamp

A couple of old phones. The Dopod looks well beyond saving, but I’m looking forward to cracking them open and salvaging some fun bits and pieces, like the microphones, speakers and the vibrating motor

While I do have a PSone, this controller is more likely to end up being re-wired. I am thinking of using this to control some future robotics projects. a picaxe or similar, and an IR LED will turn this bad boy wireless. like most things here, stay tuned to see what happens to it

This auto ranging multimeter looked pretty impressive. Once I replace the batterys (which i flattened by leaving it turned on when I first pulled it out) I think it can live on my workbench

And now we have the last of the bits i’ve taken from the box – some heatsinks, which i’ll likely use on some voltage regulators I’ve been playing with. Microswitches have always been a favorite of mine, as are toggle switches. The knob will likely find its way onto a potentiometer in some future project

Additions  to the box

First up, we have a 2 way power split for 2 floppy drives, a set of bright green molex connectors for someone looking to jazz up the inside of their computer case, and an old 4 battery battery charger, which still works as best as I know.

Then we have, a pedometer, a 12v charger for a 2way radio, a keyring torch, and an old ps2 mouse which is lacking its mouseball unfortunately. Hopefully someone can use it for parts, the rotary encoders and button switches would be handy for someone playing with robotics.

Here is an old CPU fan & heatsink, a little speaker from a box of nutrigrain, and a 10 cell AA holder

And here is a few press button switches. some have been soldered to, some haven’t. none of them have really been used.

Here we have a few screw down wire joiners

Hopefully someone will find theses remotes useful. at the very least, they have an infrared LED that could be useful

And finally, we have the box, packed up and ready to seal and send on its way.

As of yesterday, the box has been posted onto its next destination, and soon we should see the next stop off on its trip. I hope you all have found this interesting, and if you want to participate, I recomend putting your name down on the list at

So thats all for now, Until next time, have fun making things,



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