So, This post won’t house any of my work, I’ve been a bit slack of late, so I thought I would add an interesting website I like to visit.

The website is Instructables

It is a website dedicated to making how-to’s on just about any topic you can imagine

Below I have linked to a few Instructables I have found recently on the topic of electronics

Homemade breadboard
Sure you can buy breadboards cheaply, but sometimes you want something of a certain size (eg. smaller then what you can buy) or maybe you just want to use what you have to make your own

Pocket Sized Soldering kit
I’m a bit of a fan of pocket sized things, and I Kinda liked this idea, and I’m already thinking of making my own, similar kit, hopefully with a few improvements. I haven’t seen the Altoids tins around here though. I’ll have  a bit of a harder look next time I’m at the shops for one, or  a similar tin, and then I’ll get to work

Maker tin
This one is less electronics, and more making things in general, Again, it is on the idea of keeping inside an Altoids tin. Its interesting, but I’d probably make in a little different

Audio Mixer
After looking thru this audio mixer, It got me inspired to have a go at making a mixer a bit more complicated then the 2ch mixer I made, stay tuned

Steampunk Pen Knife

This one is probably the one instructable i’ve been most interested lately. It is basically about making your own swiss army knife. I don’t know why its steam punk, seemingly if it has copper and wood in it, its steam punk. None the less, its still a cool one to look at.

Well, thats a few instructables I found interesting. This post was more to let people know about the Instructables site if they haven’t heard of it yet. If you like making things, I recommend going and having a look


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