My Multitool Wishlist

After creating my multitool review, I thought it might be nice to make a short list of the multitools I don’t own, but hope to get my hands on eventually

Spyderco / Byrd Byrdwrench

Technically, its a Byrd Byrdwrench. Originally, Spyderco made the SpyderWrench in the USA, but due to expense of manufacture, couldn’t keep making it, so it got discontinued.

It was popular enough however, that after not too long, they decided to start making it again, but this time thru Byrd, their Chinese budget operation.

and thus the Byrd Wrench

Byrdwrench has a good review of the tools. Actually, has a lot of interesting reviews. I recently found it, and now it makes my multitool wish list even longer

The Byrdwrench is unique in looks, and in function. unlike most multitools, the wrench can separate into 2 pieces. That is the main reason I find it so interesting, its uniqueness.

SOG Paratool


the Paratool is again unique, this time in the way it folds up. where most multitools work on the flip the handles all the way over principal, the Paratool’s plier jaws come out from the side of the handle. It appears to make a compact multitool


Leatherman Crunch

There just had to be at least one Leatherman in the list, and the Crunch is where it’s at


The basis of the Crunch is a pair of locking pliers, or “vice grips”. This is a worthwhile feature for many uses.

As with most multitools, the jaws still fold up into the handles

Kershaw locking pliers


Pictured here with the Leatherman Crunch is Kershaw’s equivelant. the Kershaw may actually be older then then Leatherman, but i’m not sure.

As you can see, it is along the same lines as the Letherman Crunch, but the jaws don’t fold up. The one advantage the kershaw has over the leatherman is the outside opening blade. For me, this is the biggest win on any tool. Back in the day, the knife was my most used part of a multitool, and having to open the whole thing up every time would be a pain.

SOG Powerlock

Here is the second one on the list from SOG.

SOG powerlock

The powerlock looks like a big mean machine. It has SOG’s lovely power assisted jaws, which actually gear up the pressure you can apply to whatever you are grabbing onto. This can be handy if the nut – or whatever – is being stubborn.


So, these are the main tools on my Multitool wishlist, they, Its not a final list, as its always changing – expanding mostly. I’m a huge fan of doing things a little different to the mainstream. The regular folding pliers has been done a million times. From an ease of use point of view, I believe the best tools are the ones that have the knife accessible in the folded up position (which few seem to actually do), but that’s not a criteria I’ve used here, generally, these come more under coolness than usefulness.

I hope you liked my review.


3 thoughts on “My Multitool Wishlist

  1. Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool
    Finally received my CX. Removing it from the package I was very pleased with the overall feel of the tool, the fit and finishes are excellent and there are no immediately noticeable sharp edges. It was slightly heavier than I thought it would be, a little heavier than my usual EDC pocket knife, but not bad. Like other reviewers before me I noticed that the carbon fiber may reduce the weight very slightly, however I think it mostly serves to make the tool more aesthetically pleasing. I don’t have the problems with the bits that another review had, the bit in the bit holder is held in by a catch that has to be depressed to remove the bit, The other bit is very secure in the handle, although it may get loose once there is some wear on the bit. The bottle opener works and now I’ll carry it around for a while and see how it feels in the pocket. All in all I’m very happy with the tool, it has most of the tools I use the most, lacking only the scissors, in a smaller lighter package.

    Update – carried it around all day in business casual dress, the position of the pocket clip and the slim profile allow it to ride unobtrusively and comfortably in my pocket.

  2. I’ve not bought a full size multi tool yet as I know several people who have spoiled theirs using the wire cutters. I was delighted to find the Gerber 600 had replaceable tungsten carbide cutter jaws, but sorry to read that many users report poor performance/construction. Are there any better quality alternatives I wonder? – Mark

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