Blog back on topic!!

OK, so for the best part of this year, my blog has been completely off topic. Hijacked for my Network Media Production course at university, I’ve chosen to keep the posts uni related for the period. I have since worked out how to make other blogs under the same account, which i contemplated switching my NMP stuff to, but due to a couple of reasons, mostly due to me being lazy, I never did the swap

but now the course is over, I can get back onto what I created the blog for, and that’s for posting vaguely interesting things I make and do at home.

You should see a few other blog posts appear that I’ve slowly been working on for the last little while. I probably could have come up with more, but what i’ve got will have to keep you entertained.

Windows Live Writer

I’ve also discovered a cool tool from Microsoft – Windows Live Writer. Its a blogging application, basically a wordprocessor, with blog intergration. It allows for me to write blogs in a desktop application, and post straight to the blog. Its a shame I didn’t come across this before, while Networked Media Production was still going. Nevermind though, one class finishs, but the world keeps on going.

What does that mean for the blog? not a lot really I guess. It makes posting blogs easier, integrating image uploading too, as well as even youtube integration. I’m hoping the easier it is to blog, the more motivated I will be to blog things, and hopefully, more updates for you, the readers




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