Processing ….. And then my assignment

So, a couple of weeks ago I heard mention of Processing in class, from memory, it was in relation to data visualisation, or possibly multiplicity

This wasn’t the first time I had heard of Processing, I had read a little on it in the past, and had even downloaded it at home. I had never really done anything with it though.

For those of you who don’t know what Processing is, It is a programming language which is based around graphics and visualisation. Technically, I’m pretty sure it is just an extension of the Java programming language, but it takes care of all the messy coding, and makes things a lot easier.

I wonder how easy it is for someone with no programming experience. I’ve done a bit of java in the past, so i’m kinda familiar with how things work, even if I’m fairly rusty, having not done anything substantial for a few years

Today I decided I would have a look and see what i could make happen, and surprisingly, within an hour, I could make a rudimentary line graph of meaningless numbers. Below is an output from processing of the graph

about an hour of playing with processing yealded this

about an hour of playing with processing yealded this

Now, I’m not saying that its a perfectly formed piece of code I have written in an hour, far from it, Its actually a rather horrible piece of code, but the primary thing is, it is a start

Now this is were I digress into my assignment. I’ve pretty much decided to do the data visualisation, but now it is a matter of what data to visualise, and HOW to visualise. The tutor in class gave me a few ideas last week, such as blog statistics, or personal consumption of items, or other day to day items.The problem with those is I don’t have a decent amount of data, and don’t have anywhere near enough time to accumulate it. Some other ideas I am considering are  trying to drag something up out of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, or use data available from my bank account to visualise my spending habits

So, once I have decided to what to visualise, next it is to decide how to visualise it, which is the next big hurdle of the assignment. I am seriously toying with the idea of using processing for the visualisation. I just wonder if it is too over the top for the class?

I guess I’ll keep milling over it, and see what happens.


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