Data Visualisation


So this week is all about Data Visualisation, which is fairly important, seemings that is what I am planning on doing for my second assignment

When I first think of Data Visualisation, I think of Graphs and pie charts. Nothing overly interesting.

But what I am finding out, there is a lot more to data visualisation.

I came across  a pair of videos from the BBC. I’m unsure if they are more related to last weeks topic of multiplicity, or this weeks Data visualization. I think it counts as data visualization, It would be built off flight plans and GPS data, and could be used to see trends in paths taken, places not covered etc…

The first video visual representation of all the shipping traffic around Britain in a 24 hour period.

And the second one is of all the air traffic in Britain in a 24 hour period

And upon more investigation I discovered a lot of similar Videos, and the last one I will link to here is a very interesting wireframe view of the United States and its flight paths


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