This weeks class was all about multiplicity, and I’m not talking about the movie staring Michael Keaton and Andy Mcdowell. I’ve seen that movie, and its not a proud moment in viewing history.

I guess if you are looking for other examples in movies, the first one that comes to mind is the scene in The Matrix Reloaded, where the main character Neo fights Agent Smith, but Agent Smith keeps duplicating himself over and over and over, until there is hundreds of him.

Most of the examples we have seen were primarily artistic in nature, such as Peter Funch’s photographic series, which are created from many individual photos taken with the camera in the same position for all of them.

It is also to use the concept of Multiplicity to visualize data in a visually representative way, such as Aron Koblin’s visualizations of the flight paths of over North America.

I thought the following video fitted rather well with some of the examples they were showing in class. A video almost 5 minutes long, made from over 6000 paintings. I thougth it was a rather breathtaking concept, which was fantastically executed.


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