Live Broadcasting on the Internet

In the past, broadcasting video, especially LIVE video, was most certainly in the realm of TV stations, with lots of very expensive equipment.

In today’s modern world of high speed Internet however, anyone can stream live video over the Internet, in real time, with little more than a webcam, a computer and an Internet connection. Of course, the better the equipment, the better picture you can broadcast

Websites such as Justin.TV and allow you to stream your video, be it a live TV show, meeting, or simply a webcam of your pets, over the Internet without any expensive servers.

I guess the question is, how necessary is live streaming these days. There is a multitude of video hosting sites, such as YouTube or where you can upload your own videos, and should be able to have them online almost immediately after you have finished recording, and is retained so people who wouldn’t be able to watch the show live, would still be able to watch at a later date


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