Assignment one Rationale

So, finally the work on the first assignment is nearing completion, it is time to reflect on the work that has gone into the creation. Much work has gone into it, and now it has blossomed into a full website.

In researching my topic of Photographers Rights, I came across several useful and trustworthy websites. By far the most detailed and informative website I came across was Andrew Nemeth’s Site.

Mr Nemeth’s thorough detailing of the topic, and case referencing throughout comes from his Law background, as well as his extensive photographic experience. This authoritative website provided the wealth and trustworthy knowledge that many of the numerous websites on this topic do not, and I found that it was an excellent site to read and reference.

While working on my assignment, I assessed using numerous formats, including a Stand alone website, A blog, and even an easily printable Acrobat (.PDF) document. I decided against using just a straight blog as a series of blog posts lacked the structure I wanted from the site.

The reason for not creating a printable PDF document was due to several reasons, including not being able to use multimedia video. one of the reasons for in considering the creation of a .PDF file was to create a printable reference sheet that could then be carried on person. I found a couple of websites such as Andrew Nemeth’s previously mentioned site, which already offer one such sheet.

I chose to create a web page using the blogging site, as it offers the flexibility of using multiple pages, but also gives me the power and features of the blogging engine.

I considered using Google Sites as a host site, but chose WordPress due to the fact that I was already familiar with some of its features, and would be able to produce a better looking, and functioning site.
Features such as the WYSIWYG editor, simplified site themeing, media management all helped to create the finished site.

Also during research, I noticed that most of the sites I came across were very text heavy. this was not surprising, considering the subject matter.
However, not everyone can, or want to sift through pages and pages of text. for this reason, I chose to incorporate Multimedia elements such as Videos, and Photos as examples wherever possible.
These elements were aquired from sites such as Flickr, and Youtube, and were apropriatly licences.  Photographs used from Flickr were all licenced under a Creative Commons licence, and suitably atributed.

Flickr proved a valuable resource in finding images to illustrate the site, and its Creative Commons search feature made locating pictures I could use easy,  Without infringing copyright, or taking my own photos,

In the case of Youtube videos, I was careful to make sure I had permission to use the videos from the owner of the videos. I did this by sending a polite email to the video owners,  them asking for their permission to use the videos. The two video creators I approached promptly replied, both giving me limited permission to use their videos for the site.

And so concludes the Rationale of my Assignment One for Networked Media Production. Much has been learnt along the journey that was the assignment, and now it comes to an end. It has definatly been a learning experience, I have learnt much, even writing this post. I hope you find it informative.


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