Carving Up the World

Carving up the World was the topic of last weeks class.

Taxonomy and Folksonomy was discussed in the lecture, but unfortunately I never made the lecture. Luckily we did talk some about it in class also, and I did a bit of reading to get a grasp of the two, and here is a basic outline of what I found out about the two.


Taxonomy uses a tree like layout, or a hierarchy. It was originally used the classification of organisms.

The Best example I have heard for the use of Taxonomy online is the old Yahoo directory, where each entry into the directory was added by a select group of people.

They are used less in the modern internet, as each item needs to be individually classified by a small select group of people, and the sheer number of items to be classified make it very hard to keep up to date.


Folksonomy is a way of categorising items using a system of adding tags. Folksonomy is predominant in Web 2.0 sites such as Delicious and Flickr with thier tagging systems. It puts the classification onto the hands of  the community.

The biggest criticism of Folksonomy is in the way tags are chosen. If there is no control over tags, it is possible to be tagged with multiple tags with the same meaning. I however am unsure if this is a huge problem when the tags are used for searching, as if an item is tagged with numerous tags with similar meanings, it is more likely a user will find what they are looking for, even if they don’t have the one exact tag.


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