Photographers Rights


Many of you who read this blog, like to take the odd photo, or maybe a lot of photos. Some do it for for pleasure, some for art, Some for for work.Whatever the reason, you are likely to take at least the odd photo with people you do not know in it. The more photos you take, the more likely you’ll eventually encounter someone who isn’t happy with you takeing photos, be it of them, or something they own or are in charge of.

After a run in with an angry person at a fair well party for a friend of mine about 12 months ago, I put my camera away (and left the party) and i I became a little reserved when bring my camera out in public. Being threatened is not something I’m much of a fan of.

While surfing the net recently, I came across a very interesting web page of Sydney based Photographer Andrew Nemeth .( Having a background in Law, he has put together a fantastic breakdown of laws regarding photographing people in public spaces. He mentions the laws relate specifically to NSW, but they should apply to most other states.

Anyone out there who is interested in taking photos of people on private or public land will find his site very informative, even for those people, like myself, who’s photos tend to be mostly happy snaps of friends and family.
Now i have more of an idea of the laws regarding photography, I’ll be more likely to stand up for myself when I encounter future situations instead of being scared and bullied.


One thought on “Photographers Rights

  1. We in the UK have also been on the receiving end of prejudice against photography in public. But this prejudice has been on the part of the police: officers have been harassing photographers, threatening to confiscate cameras, and generally throwing their weight around. But what’s worse is this – a new anti-terrorism law has made it illegal to photograph police officers, plus they have more powers to restrict photography in “sensitive locations”. Basically, photographers are now suspected of being terrorists. Crazy, but true.

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