Networked Media Production

So, this is the Blog I’ll be using for Networked Media Production. This blog already existed for a while before my course (as you can see from past posts), I’m going to expand the scope and re-purpose  a little to include my Media Production degree.

Originally I started this blog in blogger, but chose to move to word-press for the statistic reporting. Being able to see what people are looking at on the site gives you an idea if people are reading your site, and if people find it interesting.

For viewing RSS feeds (which i have only really been using the last 6 months or so), I use Google Reader. Google reader, I chose it mostly because I already had a gmail account, so setting up Google reader was nothing, and i can access the reader from almost anywhere, which i couldn’t do with a computer based application

Of course, the downside is Google likely monitors the content of my feed to target me with advertising, as they do with gmail, and likely most of their other applications, including the obvious one of the search engine. I do understand why they do it though, any organisation has to make money somehow, and Google’s primary income is through advertising.

Even though this blog has been running for a while, I’m far from experienced at writing entries, i’m hoping with the help of Networked Media Production, I will be able to improve the content and craftsmanship of my blog.

So, until next time, Keep on learning,
Matt out


3 thoughts on “Networked Media Production

  1. Your blog is totally cool. I have subscribed to your rss. I love electronics. As a suggestion do some research about ‘Motion Control’. Basically controlling a mechanical arm with a video camera attached, linked to a computer to repeat the motion of the camera several times.

  2. Nice, I’m glad you like it. I’m hoping to make the site better, and more useful, document my projects better, with more photos and Video.
    I have done a little research on computer vision and the likes. I’ve never really implemented anything though. I came across a powerful little package called roborealm (which can be found at which processes images from a webcam, and can be used for controlling a robot. It looks quite powerful, however i’m yet to do much with it other then install it on my laptop

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