Simple Meccano Robot Arm: redone

The arm in its current state.

The arm in its current state.

My original Meccano type arm has been one of the more popular posts on my blog, view wise, However, it was never really a finished project. It being christmas and everything, i’ve got  some spare time due to holidays, so i’ve re-visited the robot arm.

The arm is far from finished, but there has been enough change that people might be interested in seeing the progress. Unfortunatly, this won’t be a complete step by step project, as i haven’t been documenting it as i went along. I’m still getting my head around the whole photograph every step thing.

Originally, the plan was to use a belt and pully system to drive the pan of the arm, but the rubberbands i had proved to be a bit too springy for my liking, and the speed, even with the tiny pully on the motor, and the rather large pully on the axis, was a bit too fast.

It would have been great not to have to buy gears to drive the pan axis. My friction fit on the big gear is far from purfect. if needed, i might have to screw the gear to a meccano disk i have that can be secured to a shaft via a worm screw.

I wish I had more proper Meccano, a heap more, and the good stuff, not the plastic junk they seem to sell these days. maybe next time I’m at my parents place, I’ll think about “borrowing” the box of it they have there.

Well, I might leave it here for now.

Once again, i hope you found this interesting.
Come back again soon.


5 thoughts on “Simple Meccano Robot Arm: redone

  1. Hi, diydata dude!

    Recently I found a load of old Meccano that a neighbour had thrown out – it amazes me what some people think is junk! Anyway, I’ve been looking round the net for designs and info, and this stuff you’ve been doing with Meccano and robotics has certainly caught my attention. I’m going to try and put together something on the same lines.

    Thing is, when I say this Meccano is old, I mean *old*. This stuff didn’t include electric motors – there are 2 clockwork motors! While the idea of a clockwork robot is interesting, I reckon I’m going to need electrics. I don’t really want to buy any though. I’m a cheap SOB, and I’d like to keep my Meccano-ing as low cost as possible! So the motors you’ve got from cassette decks and whatever is right up my street.

    I’ve got some old equipment that I can break up for electrical spares: there’s a cassette deck, turntable, CD player, amplifier and video cassette recorder. I know there’s a bunch of motors in there, plus lots of other components. And this is the thing. I could really do with some advice on this kind of salvaging as it’s all new to me.

    Maybe you think I’m taking on too much as a beginner. But I’m not going to run before I can walk. I’m going to start off with simpler projects before I knock together an android! 😉 And hey, any practical advice you can throw at me (especially on component salvage) will be most welcome!

    Cheers for the inspiration!!

    • Hey there.
      i’m glad my article has interested you.
      I don’t get how people can throw stuff like that out, but it happens, and its good to be in the right place at the right time to get it for free.
      The good thing with meccano is that the old stuff is just as good as the new stuff (if you can find proper metal meccano these days new). actually, older stuff might be better.

      The good thing with Meccano is its made to be re-used, so you can make something, and pull it apart, or change something if it doesn’t work. you can see the pully system didn’t work for me very well, so i changed my plans and tried something different.

      I’m far from an expert in anything i do, i’m just a tinkerer with boxes of junk kicking around my house
      I’ve been meaning to do a blog on salvaging old electronics. I’ve been pulling stuff apart for as long as i can remember, usually only saving little motors & stuff when i was younger. these days, i’ll keep as much as i can. Screws are always useful, as are things like micro switches, motors, LEDs, and othere electronic componens.
      From the list of stuff you have, you’ll get a good selection of electric motors, switches and other bits & pieces
      Its not really too hard to do, just be careful around mains powered equiptment. the powersupplys can contain capacitors that can hold a very nasty charge even after its been unplugged for a while. if the equiptment hasn’t been plugged in for a few days / weeks / months you should be fairly safe though

      I’ll see how i go over this weekend, i don’t have much planned, i’ll see if i can whip up a little blog on salvaging bits and pieces. I’ve been meaning to try some video how-tos as well, so maybe i’ll even pull out the camcorder.

  2. does the robotic arm use any reverse kinematics ??? can please give the robot arms codings here ??

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any code, and there wasn’t much in the way of code in it anyway,
      When the arm was connected to to the picaxe, i think outputs were simply servo out commands.

      The arm now is in a bit of a sorry state, seemigns I’ve pinched the servo’s off it for other uses.


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