Picaxe 18x Development box

The roughly finished product

The roughly finished product

So, I’ve been slowly working on getting this bad boy finished lately. its a picaxe 18x, all nice and boxed up. it looks a little nicer, and is fully contained, so no battery box stuck to the bottom. It is now in a semi complete state, Usable, but still needing a few things for proper completion

Drilling the holes in the faceplate

Drilling the holes in the faceplate

So, I put a little bit of effort into laying out the front panel of the box. more then I did for the 08 box, that was mainly because there was more things that needed to be added to this box. The above shot is a nice posed photo of me drilling the holes for the panel.

It was all good, until i realised, i drilled all the holes upside down, and while it looks fairly symmetrical, it doesn’t fit turned around, due to a cutout on one end for a small blank panel for an infra read output (if the box was used as some kind of remote control). I should have taken some photos to show you what i mean, but I’m still working the whole documenting / blogging projects thing out

the reset button, and the I/O terminals sitting in place

the reset button, and the I/O terminals sitting in place

After I finished drilling holes, i sat the terminals into place, so i could see how it was going to look when completed. Its looking good to me, pretty much how i imagined it.

Soldering the wires to the screw terminals

Soldering the wires to the screw terminals

soldering wires to the terminals was fairly straight forward. the terminals were designed for mounting in PCBs, but this has worked ok. maybe not the most sturdy, but it does the job well enough. In the end, I would have been better off cutting the ribbon cable i used a little shorter, as it was a bit messy with all the wire squeezed inside

overlooking shot of the project

overlooking shot of the project

And this is another shot of the box. While, like i mentioned before, it still needs a bit of work, it is perfectly functional. and seemings it works, I’ll probably get lazy, and leave it this way. However, i was thinking of making a few minor changes, specifically, I may upgrade the power supply from 2x AA batterys, to a 9v with a 5v regulator, to eliminate problems that may be encountered with a low supply voltage

Other then that, all it needs is to mount the serial port, screw it all together (the electrical tape is structural at the moment), and make some nice labels for it, and then its a nice finished product.

Thanks for listening,


5 thoughts on “Picaxe 18x Development box

  1. Nicely done! Looks very handy.

    Question: why did you use the screw terminals instead of a breadboard or machined ic sockets and jumpers?


  2. i think breadboard is good for short term desgn, i wanted something a little more permanant and rugged. this way i don’t have to worrie about nocking out components or jumpers, especially if i’m carrying it around.

    IC sockets and jumpers sounds like it might have been a good, quick way of patching things in, i didn’t really think of doing it that way.

  3. breadboards are a pain.
    Pretty nifty.

  4. Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing!

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