Quick Picaxe Prototyping Part 2

A close up of the LED module

A close up of the LED module

This is the second installment of my Picaxe interface modules, the second common part that we use in our picaxe creations all the time are LEDs. all of these modules are going to be pretty basic, and consist of merely a few components, but it makes things easier. for me anyway

Schematics of the LED output

Schematics of the LED output

This drawing is My conceptualisation of the circuit scematic, and the Schematic itself, taken from the Picaxe interfaceing reference PDF. ordinarily, i’d be too lazy to do these kind of drawings, but i get some quiet time at work, so it keeps me entertained

Now, i know with the switch circuit, i did a somewhat unorganised series of photos of the construction, but I haven’t bothered this time, I think for the most part these modules will be easie enough to work out for yourself. maybe if/when i get onto slightly more complex circuits, i’ll try and knock up some meaningful step by steps.

That should be enough talking from me for these, so have fun,



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