2 Way audio Mixer

So I have an amp, and it has several RCA inputs. My computer is into one input. then when i got myself an XBOX 360, i plugged it into an extra input. Everything worked fine, but then i found i wanted to have the TV on my second monitor of my computer (i have a tuner card in it) or wanted to listen to music at the same time.

My solution was to pull out my Behringer mixer, that has 4x XLR inputs and 4x stereo inputs, and set that up on my desk, and it worked like a charm. The only problems being, the mixer doesn’t have any kind of power switch for it, so it was running constantly, and it has an ultra bright blue LED power light on it, and even though i don’t use the desk so much, i imagine running constantly wouldn’t help its life span much either.

So, off to google it was, and it didn’t take long to come across a scematic for a very simple 2 channel stereo mixer from ePanorama.net. ePanorama is a pretty cool site, with a lot of useful scematics and info that has helped me out in the past.

Here is the scematic from the site.

it can be found at:

Schematics I used to make the mixer

Schematics I used to make the mixer

This is the unit about 3/4 complete. i didn’t get any early photos, but then again, there isn’t that much to it, Much less, and its jus a pile of parts

This is the mixer half complete

This is the mixer half complete

This is a close up of the 4x 10k resistors, one for each signal. they are fairly neat. the board is a bit bigger then needed, but its already fairly small, so i don’t mind.

A close up of the massive circuit board

A close up of the massive circuit board

And finally, the finished box. Since the photo was taken, i’ve added another couple of labels to the front marking it up as XBOX and COMPUTER. the back wasn’t as neat as i had planned unfortunatly, but its ok, as its on the back anyway.

The completed mixer

The completed mixer

And there you go, one very simple, 2 way stereo mixer. I was so proud when the moment of truth came, i plugged it it, and it worked. i was a little worried it would buzz and cause all kinds of problems, but thus far, no issues have presented themselves, this little bad boy is working like a charm.



2 thoughts on “2 Way audio Mixer

  1. this mixer wont work.

    with resistors only your input sound will get strangled.

  2. It seems to work well for me.
    The sound doesn’t seem to be distorted to my ears

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